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Default Re: Why my post was cool

Somebody that gets it!
I'm a knucklehead
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Default Re: Why my post was cool

Are you kidding or no? I can't tell. please give me a hint
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Default Helmet law for horse riders

I think that in light of the developing situation in Socal, that the following needs to happen, and pretty damned quick:

1. The state of Missouri is off limits to any resident

of CA, OR, WA, or any other liberal-minded state.

This applies to all citizens. (Sorry, but we

conservative Missouri residents can't take the

chance on a liberal slipping through!)

2. All horse operators shall wear full face

helmet, equiped with the HANs safety

restraint system. Additionally, all children

under the age of 12 years old shall not

operate a horse solo. No exceptions.

3. Children under the age of 18 shall only

operate a horse under direct parental

supervision. No exceptions.

4. Any person caught opearting a horse under

the influence of any controlled substance, or

under the influence of alchohol, shall be

subject to fines not to exceed $ 10,000 nor 5

years in jail for the first offence, nor $ 25,000

and life in prison for each additional


5. Any legal resident of CA, OR, WA, or any

other state that is predominantly bleeding

heart liberals, such as AZ, NM, etc. that is a

registered horse operator, shall not enter

the state of Missouri without special permit,

issued by advanced application only, to be

filed 180 days prior to expected date of

entry, and to be issued, (if approved) not

more than 3 days prior to requested date of

use, and will be valid for 72 hours.

6. All permit holders are required to notify the

state of Missouri at any port of entry, when

entering, anticipated location during visit,

and requested area of opeation. Said permit

holder must also notify the same office upon

departure, and surrender said permit on

leaving the state.

7. Any permit holder that fails to follow these

laws, shall be considered a illegal immegrant,

and be deported to their state of residence

declaired on original permit, at permit holders


8. Cost savings of this measure is incalculable,

as the benefits of outlawing liberal influences

from all foreigners, and the extreme adverse

effects of liberals on society, and is expected

to be priceless.

9. This law is the only way that we can be sure

that the horse riding liberals do not take

over the trails, fields, pastures, and all other

private property, as we all know that they

cannot share. Anyone whom does not agree

with this draconian law is welcome to

emigrate to one of the more liberal areas of

the USA, and take up perminant residence


10. Liberals are not welcome, and all laws

passed upon others, shall be doubly enacted

upon they whom impose it on others.

Can anyone tell that I hate liberals?

I don't bother you, your horses, your kids, your property, your activities.

I don't give a sh-t what color you paint your house, I could care less if you like members of the same sex, I don't care if you ride your horse on the same trail I walk or ride on, because I am smart enough not to step in horse sh-t, I basically DON'T care what you choose to do with your life, no matter HOW FU-KIING STUPID I think you and your activities are.

Just leave me alone!
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Default Re: Helmet law for horse riders

Calm down there vr1000 I don't know anyone, liberal or otherwise, that would want to go to that god for saken state anyway!there is a reason that they call it Misery
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