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Default Re: Stupid Squid Tricks

Man, that couch crash was great. Now that's eating it big.

I'd hate to wake up in the hospital, and tell the doctor I broke my ass by falling off the couch.

Reminds of of the time we motorized a Barcalounger.

Furniture pilots unite!
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Default Re: Stupid Squid Tricks

Wrong. You replied to this article. 1 down, many more to follow....
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Default Re: Stupid Squid Tricks

I did that on my first bicycle with good brakes when I tried to panic stop. It was strange sliding on the ground watching my bike cartwheel behind me much like that bike in the video. Very painful though!
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Default Yow!

That's the worst couch crash I've ever seen. That fired my curiosity, so I did a little research, and wound up ordering a report from the USDOT website entitled "Statistical Abstract of Motorized or Self-Motive Domicile-Derived Seating and Utility Furniture Accidents and Mishaps, 1994-1998". According to the description of the report, it "attempts to illustrate and explain the great increase in self-motivated furniture related injuries, while offering recommendations to government officials and other influential personages to reduce or at least procure funding to ameliorate the over 2.3 injuries caused annually from such mishaps."

I was alarmed by the news that such injuries skyrocketed from just under one (. in 1994 to over 2 (2.3) in 1998, although the brief description is vague about how less than one person can be injured, although the video would indicate at least one occupant(?) of the crashing couch would be bruised on 80% of his body.

The report is 1,119 pages long, contains 114 tables and graphs and took over 6 years to produce, at the cost of 647 million dollars. Strangely, the report was mostly funded by the revenue from recyclable beverage containers.

I'll be sure to post a full review after I read it, assuming I can secure enough crank to read an 1100 page government report.
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