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Default Re: 205MPH on a CBR 1000RR?

Pinkslip :

The process has already begun . How I know is not important .

What is important is to at least attempt unity in the motorcycling community .

I lived as a rebel for years - and learned about due process from the inside . I used to believe in "educating " idiots the " hard way "

Those day's are gone along with the last

"Harley " I owned .

Now however - my concern is the freedom we all share is about to be regulated yet again.

High powered sports cars do not cost less than $10,000 - and are an apple to oranges comparison .

Insurance has always been one of the main reasons for regulation .

From the muscle cars of the 60's to this very day . Because the 18-25 year olds make up

the greater risk they are percieved as costing the most money .

As more insurance company's raise the premiums for this age bracket the total effect will be felt throughout the entire motorcycle industry . It's a given fact .

I joined this forum to get an idea of where we all stand as a motorcycle community . It does not seem like the power of a forum is ready to be used to it's full effect yet - perhaps in a few years time .
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Default The guy will fry...

He may be able to get the speeding charge taken off but according to the ticket he has also been charged with reckless driving, so even if the accuracy stinks and the guy was ONLY doing twice the leagle speed limit at 130 it would in most states still be considered reckless driving. And with no motorcycle endorsement.... the guy is still going to get it....
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Default Re: 205MPH on a CBR 1000RR?

Let me tell you about the time I was busted for doin' 217 MPH on my old Harley KR that we got out of a pond behind my uncle's house, where it had been wrecked right after WW2.

hell, all we had to do was change the oil and put new plugs in it, and we put hi-performance pushrods out of a Ford Farmall tractor in it, to give it extra lift and duration.

That bike was so powerful that you could get it sideways at over 150 MPH, and if you kept it under a 100, you could get about 80 miles to the gallon.

My biggest problem was that it would throw the cords off the tire, so we started runnin' truck tires on the rear to stop that problem.

Well, I gotta' go tune up the Allison V-12 in my Chevette sleeper car!

And you all were inpressed by a 205MPH Honda?

you should get one of those old stroker motor flathead Harleys if you want a REALLY fast bike.



(The above story is a LIE! it was written as satirical humor, much like the Bush National Guard memos! In reality, my old KR would not do much over 200!)

Be safe, wear good gear, and if not, SIGN YOUR DONOR CARD!
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Default Re: Fight!

I've been in Colorado workin' for the man. It was snowing in Vail and I came home to 90 degrees in San Diego.
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