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eekadog 09-05-2004 12:57 PM

Re: Royal Enfield Sucks
i'll pass...i put the $6495 on a killer dinette set.

eekadog 09-05-2004 01:02 PM

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BMW4VWW 09-05-2004 01:17 PM

Re: Royal Enfield Sucks
Better than buying a Harley Sportster. eh?

eekadog 09-05-2004 03:12 PM

Re: Royal Enfield Sucks
to be honest i actually bought the sportster roadster (the name's retarded, I know) and couldn't be happier.

TriumphSuzukiHD 09-05-2004 06:42 PM

Re: Royal Enfield Sucks
This is a bike from the 50's made in India from Royal Enfield tools. The original is better quality but the Indian version sees to be fair. My biggest grouse is that its way overpriced in the US at $6k plus, also that dealerships like the one this chap dealt with mess it up for everyone. "honoring the warrenty" and chapter 11 seem to go together? The anufacturer could have had serious probles with that shop? The bike shop I know in England that does these + other decent bikes + vintage bikes has no problems. The price there was slightly cheaper, in a land where bike prices are much higher (even Triumph!). Whilst not a big seller they have been selling them for years.

btw., they also sell the 350 in the UK, much less power but apparenly in demand.

If this bike (like the original) is not run in properly, not maintained, and does not have good dealer backup you will have problems.

My 1968 Triumph 500 back then had 3 cylinder heads due to a poor oil pump + many minor problems. I revved the b***ks off it since I was ignorant. It doesnt mean the bike is bad, it was just how things were back then


TriumphSuzukiHD 09-05-2004 06:59 PM

Re: Royal Enfield Sucks
Those Japanese bikes in India (and also Korean copies) are small capacity, 125cc or less. So maybe there is a tax or insurance hit as capacity goes up? So that alters the figures more than a little. Check out the Indian web sites?

Simple diy maintenance and rugged build must count for something in a 3rd world? The roads are bad and garages few? Anyone from India who can comment on this?

I dont think its a bad bike, but you have to know what you are gettiing into or go get a Honda.

If you want the 50's feel in a new bike without the hassle then maybe get a Harley sportser 883. I had one, a great bike but much maligned by others as being a vibrator, crude, bad gearchange etc etc. But it was a great bike as far as I was concerned, its a pity that HD gave in and upped the weight and cost to "cure" the vibration.... oh well

HarryMyhre 09-05-2004 07:24 PM

Re: Royal Enfield Sucks
Suzuki Savage - modern thumper.

Doesn't quite look like a Royal Enfield...

But i'm sure the Zook is way more reliable.

JLittler 09-05-2004 07:43 PM

Re: Royal Enfield Sucks
ROTFLMAO ! It's a genuine 50's bike, exactly what the old-timers were riding. Still being manufactured unchanged in a 3rd world country.

You don't seriously expect reliability and service like a modern japper ? The unreliability of 50's brit bikes is renowned - did you seriously buy it with your eyes shut ?

If you want something to just get on and ride when you feel like it, buy something from Japan - they've spent 35years building that reputation for a reason.


mghempel 09-05-2004 10:02 PM

Arrogance (and ignorance)
Nothing wrong with the Enfields as long as you use them as designed. In other words, typical riding speeds should be around 45 mph. They'll last a long time like this. Problem is you get the ignorant who insist on flogging them at 60-70 mph, just because the bike will do it. That's not what they were designed for, and most people who flog their bikes like this also take a similarly sensitive approach to maintaining them.

Speaking of maintaining bikes, most responses I've seen to this thread remind me of the people who purchase a Ducati and then expect to get by with 50,000 mile valve service intervals. Don't confuse reliability with being maintenance free, since they aren't identical.

About the dealer. We've all had experience with the bad dealers out there, and the good dealers. A riding mate has an Enfield, and he is pleased with his local dealer. You can't generalize from a single case.

sconley 09-05-2004 10:08 PM

Fact of the Matter...
First off here's all the bikes I've owned: Hawk GT, Buell S1W, YZF600R, 97 YZF1000R... And here's the three bikes I own currently: Monster 900SIE, BCM-built Ducati 750SS/795 (trackbike), AND yes, I also own a 2002 Royal Enfield Bullet 500ES.

About the Enfield... True, Royal Enfield was originally a Brit company but decades ago ran into financial trouble and faced bancruptcy... In what seemed like an act of devine intervention, India's military placed an order for 20,000 bullets to be used in one of their many wars with Pakistan (late 40's/early 50's?)... Upon receiving this order, the Enfield company built and tooled a factory in Madras India and staved off the inevitable a little longer. Recently, a group of investors bought up the factory and began building bullets in exactly the same fashion as the last one that came off the assembly line decades before. My 2002 Bullet is an exact duplicate of a 1956 bullet (minus the electric start)... It has the same soft aluminum cases and timing chest covers, the same points ignition down to the same lucas coil... All made in the same fashion with the same tooling as before. In bike shows and enfield gatherings they do not stipulate between the brit and india versions as by this time there simply aren't any pure brit versions that don't have replacement parts on them from the indian factory. Does it run like a clock? Hell no... Is this my only bike? Hell no.

What the enfield is, is a brand new antique with a lot of promise and querky-cool ideas. I've installed a 536cc big bore kit with a high compression ratio piston (8.5:1), high lift/longer duration cams, a goldstar exhaust, hi-comp valve springs and clutch springs, hi-po oil pumps (both scavenge and feed), a 7" headlamp, a solo springer seat, a pedestrian slicer, an Amul 32mm carb and other knick-knacks... It dynoed with 12.4 rwhp stock and I've got it up to around 28 rwhp. Is it a rocket? Hell no (it does sound mean as all hell though). Is it cool? I love the damn thing, and I get more looks on it than anything I've ever ridden. I'm 29 and chicks my age dig it. This thing is so easy to maintain (and even completely rebuild) and parts are dirt cheap and readily available. What other makes offer clutch kits for 40 bucks?

My advice to you would be to take a step back and re-evaluate your wants in a bike. If you have a little mechanical aptitude and patience, the Bullet can be a very rewarding machine to own, ride and enjoy... What other make can you increase the performance of by a 100% in your own garage with your own hands? And if you address a few items you'll find it's reliability is greatly increased and within a short enough time period you'll come to enjoy the mastery you have over being able to handle anything it sends your way... However, if you just want a bike that you jump on, and hit the switch, you'll probably come to loathe the machine more than you already do. Sending this bike to a shop is not an option for long term ownership (unless you're rich)... Aside from Bruce Myers, Dan Holmes, and a handful of other mechanics/shop owners, it's been my experience that nobody gives a damn about their craft and especially about your bike.

If you do decide to take the road less traveled, Dan Holmes is the nation's expert on Bullets and owns a shop in Goshen Indiana and would be a great resource:

Dan is currently going after the world speed record for a pushrod single class on a bullet and has one with over 115 ft-lbs of torque... He also actively roadraces them in vintage class and can answer all your questions and set you on the right track to enjoying your bike... I'd also be happy to answer any questions myself as I'm a little further along on the learning curve of this unique machine that I hope others will also find still has a place in the modern day of mindless motorcycling.

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