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Default Re: In Seattle on I-405 and I-5 CALL ME SEXIST PLEASE

I'd rather ride near a chick in an Excursion than a guy in a minivan anyday.

Seriously. I don't know what happens to a man when he gets behind the wheel of a minivan. I've never been there myself, but it must be an emasculating experience. They all look like someone has cut thier balls off, and is danglin' them just out of reach. So maybe if they drive a little bit faster they can catch them.

Alas... they never can though..

When I'm on the interstate... and I come upone a male in a minivan... it's one of two options... off at the next exit for gas and a coke, or twist the right hand hard and put a comfortable distance between him and me.
911 is for Pussies.
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Default Re: Anti-Motorcycle Rant

The writer makes a good point about the idiots that are always with us, but really doesn't he (or she, it's hard to tell) most object to having to pay attention? That pretty well sums it up.
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Default Re: Hey now KPaul has gone to the dark side.

You have to understand Sean, if it's printed on a web page, it's the Truth in KP's world.
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Default Re: Anti-Motorcycle Rant

I have nothing negative to comment about in the article. She has singled out the idiotic behavior and is concerned for those nuts, as well her own safety. I've driven through the Chicago area many thimes and roads such as the Dan Ryan are, at times, infested with such fools. Just driving that road is an intense experience. Putting up with combat bikers in such an environment is upsetting. I don't think her intention was to put regular motorcyclists in the group she was addressing. Yes, Darwin will weed these folks out but they may take a few others along for their ride. I also noticed a tone of concern for the riders. She never suggests how to deal with these folks but I think she wants to see them survive to adulthood. I would urge you to support her cause publically by encouraging more promotion and funding of rider education programs. It's also a good time to bring up more socially acceptable practices such as racing and track days. To rebutt in any other manner will cause our image more harm than good.
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Default I'm terrified

and I love the way it feels.
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Default Re: Anti-Motorcycle Rant

you forgot to mention that "This din, as loud as an ambulance" would seriously hamper a cell phone conversation... Talk about a classic cager distraction...
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Default Re: Anti-Motorcycle Rant

Just a though but here in FL it is WAY TO HOT to wear all the "protective" gear that milder states would normally wear. "protective gear for me is riding with as much skin covered as possible barring heat stroke, which pretty much means wearing a tshirt and blue jeans as well as a good helment (full-face for me) even at 80mph I can still feel the sweat running down my sides and back (95 degrees with 95-98% humidity will do that to you).

Back to this person that is doing the ranting, She is just like the people that brought in the seat belt laws as well as helmet laws, who's motto is "we are going to SAVE YOUR life weather you like it or not". Right now there is a buckle-up campain here in FL with a state trooper saying "WE ARE GOING TO SAVE LIVES" by forcing people to buckle up (I still don't use a seat belt). So, there is nothing to say to that kind of person (she probably belives that Harry Potter is evil and satanic as well). In closing; maybe it would be better if everyone was paying better attention to the bikes on the road so we could acctually enjoy the trip down the highway and not have to worry so much about the cagers trying to run us over out there!
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Default Re: Anti-Motorcycle Rant

As A Chicago Resident Motorcyclist I thought I should clarify a few things...

Not sure if Kpaul's Number one bullet point was misinterpreted but there is no helmet requirement in Illinois. The only requirement is eye protection.

(I do wear full-face at all times by choice though.)

Also, I too was surprised about her comment that one is riding along at 70mph, and then complains about speeders. There is no road within Chicago anywhere near 70MPH posted speed limit. While there are some downstate, I would venture a guess, that Cook County itself does not posess any 70MPH speed zones.

Having said that her editorial seems to be attacking a specific segment of Motorv-vehiclists, not necessarily motorcyclists in general, and she seems more anti-idiot than anything else.

But of course that brings up the question, "Then why didn't she just say that instead of focusing on motorcycles?" I guess controversy sells papers.
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Default Re: Anti-Motorcycle Rant

Your second sentence is not always true. Several years back, three sportbike riders travelling in excess of 120 mph on a two lane road in suburban Detroit (posted at 45 mph) crested a hill where a mother and two kids were making a left turn out of a subdivision. Two of the bikes were able to swerve around the car, the third broadsided the car and killed the two children in the car and the rider. The mother driving the car had minor injuries. Like a car, a motorcycle can be a deadly weapon.
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