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Default Re: Anti-Motorcycle Rant

I'm glad you guys in the states get this as well. We seem to get one of these articles a week in the national press here in the UK. Don't really know what she's complaining about, most of us pass cars here at 140mph ish allegedly ! Although we do wear leathers and helmets because we don't have your sunny weather ; ) As for her comments regarding looking out for me and my knuckle head friends I couldn't care less what she does. I can't speak for the rest of you but when I'm riding my bike I do so with the up most of due care and attention because I don't have airbags steel bars etc. So I'll be attentive of her driving, but her personal comments and views are pure speculation and therefore like her I suspect irrelevant.
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Default Re: Anti-Motorcycle Rant

'Fortunately, we can hear them before we see them', says the article. Does this mean that loud pipes do save lives after all? Were the cruiser guys and the Highwayman right all along?
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Default Re: Anti-Motorcycle Rant

Well said, I agree. Perhaps other posters should take a moment to actually read the article as well.

The author describes a particular phenomenon (small groups of young speeding T-shirt clad boys & girls) and she actually takes a moment to reflect on how vulnerable these kids are on their bikes. She realizes that they aren't doing nothing to protect themselves from the much bigger cars, which as she notes, will not suffer nearly as much from an eventual impact... She goes on to conclude that people in cars need to take extra care not to inadvertently help these kids fullfill their apparent deathwish...

Anyway, unless you are a young irresponsible T-shirt clad speeding wanker I don't see any reason to be offended over this article.
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Default Re: Anti-Motorcycle Rant

I get fairly defensive of any anti-motocycle comments but this has some validity, although it misses the mark by a long shot. Someone needs to remind her of the catastophic damage that a 5000 lb. SUV can do when piloted by a "cel phone talking, makeup applying, coffee drinking, inattentive" driver. She indicates the following comment "A highway full of cars is like a prairie full of stampeding buffalo or a plain of charging rhinos". This is very accurate although these stampeding buffalo or charging bulls can crush whole school buses in an instant. Auto and SUV drivers feel invulnerable due to their air conditioned, music filled, steel cages. If a motorcycle rider acts irresponsible, they hurt themselves, if a car or SUV driver acts irresponsible as they often due, they can slaughter an entire family. This is ironic...as I am proofreading this, CNN is reporting that a man slammed his SUV into a airport terminal packed with people.
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Default Re: Anti-Motorcycle Rant

I'm not sure what point she is trying to make. She doesn't draw any conclusions other then to say, look out for motorcyclists.

Frankly, her rant has merit. Every squid on the road contributes to a negative perception of motorcyclists. Every time we see one of these guys, we do the same thing: "look, there goes the ambulance bait." We treat our little inexperienced brothers with the same disdain as other motorists. We should act more like big brothers. Instead, we just stand back and watch our reputation get smeared because of one of our own.

We need to declare a National Adopt a Squid Week.

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Default Re: Anti-Motorcycle Rant

Yeah, same old stuff -- the ladies problem isn't so much what the riders are doing as it is how SHE feels about it. You know the ones; if there's physical danger involved, or it might cause a little adrenalin to flow, or appears to be fun and maybe a little carefree and not totally responsible, then it's bad. Better to be in your big safe car, following the rules along with the other grown-ups, than to actually be living a life. (Except apparently the speed limit, but that's OK cause all the other cagers do it)

When you're young the juices flow naturally. For some people like this woman, they either never did or they've dried up, probably along with some other stuff. Hope she doesn't show up at any party I go to. She'd probably want to know what's in that stuff shes drinking.
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Default Re: Anti-Motorcycle Rant

Hey, cats are cool!
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Default Re: misogynist crap, MOrons

Get a clue dylanmo. Liberals don't push crap that frightens people. Their constant rants about global warming, vast right wing conspiracies, institutional racism, how the entire world hates us and how everyone is dying because we don't have the national HMO called universal medical coverage, are not overblown scare tactics for the purpose of amassing totalitarian political power. They are the truth!! Only conservatives would dare use scare tactics.

Liberals love us all. You can tell by all the nice things they say about anyone who disagrees with them. Such rhetoric is justified because they are so superior and the rest of us are too stupid to realize how much better off we would be if people like Kerry were appointed as our ruling aristocracy. Then we could all march into the future arm in arm, farm implements over our shoulders, singing "The Internationale", the local Baron smiling benignly.......

Oh wait, billionaire John Kerry, a U.S. Senator, is already the ruling aristocracy. Never mind.
"Make no mistake, Communism lost a big argument - one we know today as the 20th century."
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Default Rebuttal

Calling on Cagers to protect motorcyclists? That's rather like calling on Wolves to Sheppard the flock.

While this "writer" paints a pretty picture of responible drivers out there, concentrating on the road, and doing their best to make it home safely, observable reality is something quite different.

A quick parusing of the DOT's records shows that injury accidents involving motorcycles frequently involve stupidity on the part of a cager.

This type of hyperbole has but one use. It is obviously written for the express purpose of extracting an emotional reaction which can then be molded into some type of legislation.

911 is for Pussies.
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Default Re: Anti-Motorcycle Rant

I would have flipped him off, he was probably some Wal*Mart rent-a-cop out saving the world on his lunch break
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