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Default Good list of truths

I'll venture to guess that not one family that has lost a family member over in Iraq thinks this war is a good trade for their loved one. I'll go one further. Not one person who supports this war behind a keyboard on American soil has lost a family member to this farce or a war.
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Default Go back to school scotty

You are right that Bush Senior. Did get things on the right track by raising taxes to balance the budget. Remember Bush Senior. called supply-side economics Voodoo economics i.e. large deficits aka Reaganomics However, Clinton was in power for 8 years pal. His treasury Secretary met with Greenspan weekly to coordinate fiscal and monetary policy. Give credit where credit is due. Clinton deserves credit for creating surpluses. Remember the president does control a big part of the economy by the budget (fiscal policy) and he have veto power over the budget. If you have had any economics you would know that monetary and fiscal policy is how government controls the economy Don't get cause and effect reversed like brain dead did.

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Default Re: Janklow will only serve 30 days in jail

Lets See....30 days. That gives Janklow enough time to get his Killing machine repaired for another attempt at hurling one of us into the stratosphere.

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Default Re: Go back to school scotty

Clinton did do well with the economy, domestic policy was the president and Mr. Clintons forte`

However their inefectual responses to the first WTC bombing, the embassy attacks in africa and Malasia the debacle in Somalia and their non-existant response the USS Cole attack emboldened Al-Quida and set the stage for the 9/11 WTC attack.

In alot of ways the war in Iraq was a mistake but by showing a willingness to fight one tyrant like Sadam it sends a message to others that their time is limited, hence Libyas roll-over and N.Koreas willingness to open a talks.

And arguably Sadam was a butcher who subjegated his people for years. The real enemy has always been Saudi Arabia and their two-faced"support"
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Default Re: Janklow will only serve 30 days in jail

Just because the jury found that, doesn't mean it was the truth. What about his past actions? Looks like he knew exactly what he was doing.

Again, I, of course, wasn't on the jury. Just presenting another view.

As far as "The Honorable" Mr. Janklow, I agree, he should have been drawn and quartered. But comparing his sentence to, what appears to me, a much more complicated case doesn't do anything for me.
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