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Default Re: Heads-up display for motorcycle helmets

305 Bill? Does that mean (gulp) you actually ride one of those old beasts?
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Default Re: Noise cancelling in helmets

I've read a bit about noise cancelling circuits, but have yet to try and build anything. I've wondered why none of the helmet manufacturers make something like this; I'd guess it has at least a little bit to do with liability.

Some of the noise cancelling circuits are very simple. They are little more than an op-amp to boost the signal and another set to switch the phase 180 degrees and then a delay to accomodate the distances between mic, speaker and ear. As I've not tried any of these yet I can't say how well they really work.

I'd guess that the poor performance of noise cancelling headsets modified to fit in a helmet is due to the fact that they're tuned for low to mid frequency noise. I suppose that's the sound range most people would want to attenuate and thus it seems possible that the higher frequencies might no longer be timed to be cancelled (perhaps even constructive interference, ouch!).

Anyone out there a EE with experience in this area?
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Default Re: Heads-up display for motorcycle helmets

How about a rear mounted camera on the back of the helmet? Then we wouldn't need mirrors anymore.
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Default Re: Cool I want more features.

YEAH What He said!!!
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Default Re: Heads-up display for motorcycle helmets

I always thought that something like this would find its way into professional racing. A relatively small sensor package integrated with a small dedicated computer (maybe palm powered) could replace the entire instrument cluster, plus it could become the backbone for additional sensors etc which could relay information to the rider (and his pit crew via telemetry) about the condition of his bike. In GP racing the bikes typically carry about 2 dozen sensors (or more) already.... How much weight would something like this save, maybe a 3-4 lbs overall? Might be worth some engineering effort...?!
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