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Default Re: Southern Blues

As the Tool Man said "auuuggghhhh"? This belongs on OPINION JOURNALS Best of the Web...."Not too Brite" or "Homer Nods" section.

Or perhaps all the objects of these stories are in retrograde orbit about the Planet Zero.
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Default Re: Southern Blues

Hmm... a web-based auto brokerage with the hands-down crappiest website I've seen in quite awhile. Hey, at least it's based in Johnson City, Tennessee... Yeah, I think I'll go ahead and pass on the stock options for the time being...
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Default Re: read their ad.

" built for the renaissance man, powered by Mercury god of speed and safe delivery"

I didn't know they had "Subaru drivers" in Tennesse.
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Default The shooting

The shooting happened after a heated argument about the fuel consumption of Honda Rebel.

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Default Re: The shooting

A man on a late model Geezer glide with a t-shirt that said "I clogged at the BMW Anniversary" was seen fleeing the scene.
"Make no mistake, Communism lost a big argument - one we know today as the 20th century."
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