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waepoint 09-25-2003 10:38 AM

Re: CBS Sportbike News
Oh joy. Something to get the blue hairs all worked up in between Metamucil ads.

TatdNPrcd 09-25-2003 10:55 AM

Re: CBS Sportbike News

Another sensationalized piece of "news" to define ALL of us as members of motorcycle gangs endangering the lives of "the chiillldrennn!"

Hell, they'll most likely ask some drunk to sit on a bike and throw some bottles of beer around him too.

"See how BAD motorcycles are?!?"

I get so sick of this trash.

I know I'm saying this without first seeing the "report" but with a description like that I don't expect they'll say anything about the other 99% of those who ride.

Thanks MO for letting us know.

GogglesPaisano 09-25-2003 11:14 AM

Re: CBS Sportbike News
Great, they found some kids to do stand-ups on the freeway for the cameras... They'll probably share road-rash stories with the reporter and when asked "it seems so dangerous, why don't you stop?" they'll say some dumbass crap about "the rush" and how it makes them feel "alive"...

I don't have anything against stunting in general, but just like the various "street racing" stories in the news I guarantee they'll find the dumbest bunch of guys in town to interview because the smart guys know better than to be seen on camera engaging in illegal acts and talking about how often they do it.

I can just imagine the interview about their fallen "brother" who broke a footpeg on the interstate and rolled under a truck:

"Yeah, Wolfman was a great guy. I seen it happen; it was a bad scene... But I'll still stunt because of the rush I get, it makes you feel alive, like you're really free..."

S'pose I'd better have a beer when it comes on...


burtonsimmons 09-25-2003 11:20 AM

Re: CBS Sportbike News
You guys better watch out. I'm going to get my extreme motorcycle gang and we'll put your life at risk...

I'm sure a group of early 80's Honda Ascots are a threat... we out 147 hp at the crank... between 3 bikes! :) That's DANGEROUS stuff, man.

Abe_Froman 09-25-2003 11:28 AM

Re: CBS Sportbike News

Istamulada 09-25-2003 11:37 AM

Re: CBS Sportbike News
First time ever that i'm happy of not owning cable TV.

DurangoKid 09-25-2003 11:52 AM

Re: CBS Sportbike News

I made it to South Carolina without incident. When I get a little time I will send you an email.

I saw a commercial for the episode and my first thought was... "that's a badass stand up wheelie!"

The truth is that I don't ride like that only because I can't.


Chango 09-25-2003 11:53 AM

Re: CBS Sportbike News
Here's what their website has in the form of a preview:

"Finally tonight, they call themselves adrenalin junkies out for a clean-cut thrill, but are sports bike enthusiasts a menace to themselves and others? Robert McNamara will examine this growing and potentially dangerous trend in tonight's Eye on America."

I'm sure they will be fair and interview many normal, sane motorcyclists for this one...


Chango 09-25-2003 11:55 AM

Re: CBS Sportbike News
Oh, in case you're looking for the website, it is:


P.S. - Sorry, I can't remember how to do a proper link and I don't feel like looking it up right now.

Buzglyd 09-25-2003 12:14 PM

Re: CBS Sportbike News
I took my neighbor riding this weekend and she was game to go anywhere except Palomar mountain because of the "crazy riders" she'd heard about.

Apparently the squids are feeding journalists their latest antic which involves leaning close to a car in the turns and scraping the top of their helmets to get a paint stripe from the car.

I laughed at the naive journalist who would believe that one.

So Morons! Any paint stripe collectors out there?

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