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SteadyRoller 09-26-2003 05:10 AM

Re: Gabe's Response and Mr. AllCaps Response
Thanks Gabe and Mr. AllCaps. Nice to see both sides of the story.


jaypuck 09-26-2003 05:19 AM

Re: CBS Sportbike News
wow, I haven't seen it but I've seen bike night at sonic (and now wednesdays at dairy queen in plano)....there are some idiots and some really cool people. did they just pick the idiots to talk to?

side note, strictly vertical (stunt team) is doing shows at 'times square' every friday night now. I think I'm going tonight just to see what's up.

caseyheilman 09-26-2003 05:22 AM

Here's a solution to this problem.
Let's build more light fast liter bikes. That'll fix it. I'm sorry: Is that not a popular solution? If all the manufacturers make is super fast bikes than IDIOTS will be drawn to them like moths to a flame. Unfortunately, stupid people are buying and riding the latest and greatest jap bikes in great numbers.

Testosterone and youth = Sensational deaths

KPaulCook 09-26-2003 05:38 AM

Re: CBS Sportbike News
Finally you are getting the picture. :)

KPaulCook 09-26-2003 06:02 AM

Guns don't kill people, People kill people. Sportbikes don't kill people, people kill
Already the bike makers are limiting top speed. Should they limit performance on bikes I say no. Next we limit performance on cars. Next we are driving Volvos. Where does it end. Like helmet laws. I think you are an idiot if you don't wear a full face helmet but don't favor laws making it mandatory I. I have recently come to that opionion by the way.

dfaber 09-26-2003 06:24 AM

Re: CBS Sportbike News
Here is the address and a copy of my letter to CBS news:


SUBJECT: Sensationalist Reporting


The following blurb on your web site for a "story" on sport motorcycling is a shoddy piece of ratings grab masquerading as news and deserves no place in your publicity or on your network. While a balanced report about sport motorcycles would be a welcome thing, that would require considerably more background study than you were willing to give a "throwaway" filler like this, so instead you will treat your viewers to an easy exploitative piece which will surely offer the low hanging journalistic fruit of brain-impaired street racers all to eager to spew stirring commentary to your news-gatherers about how the "rush" of performing illegal stupid tricks on the public motorways "makes us feel alive," etc., etc.

Your irresponsible reporting may grab a half-Nielsen point but will contribute unfairly to the public perception of motorcyclists and, worse, add to the arsenal of equally pedantic politicians who are trying to make "outlaws" of us all.

How about "They call themselves journalists, but are TV New reporters a menace to themselves and others." In this case, yes.

Buzglyd 09-26-2003 06:31 AM

Nigel Tufnel
"That's nit-picking now isn't it?"

sarnali 09-26-2003 07:22 AM

Re: CBS Sportbike News
It's that durn Vast Right Wing Conspiricy again, puttin' guns in little kids hands wasn't enough, now they give them 200mph sportster motorsikles and turns 'em loose on the highway.

Gramma and Grampa has a hard enough time drivin' the suburban as it is with out these durn cycle-psyco's racin' around.

captainwhoopass 09-26-2003 07:49 AM

Re: Here's a solution to this problem.
There are an equal number of stupid people riding Harleys, they are just older...

Remember, age does not equal wisdom.

TatdNPrcd 09-26-2003 07:50 AM

What the AMA has to say about it...

AMA reacts to CBS News report on extreme street riding

Sep. 26 – The AMA, reacting to a CBS News report on so-called "extreme street riding," points out that this illegal and dangerous conduct represents only a small percentage of the American motorcycling community.

The CBS News "Eye on America" report, which aired during the September 25th broadcast of "The CBS Evening News with Dan Rather," documented groups of motorcyclists, primarily in the Dallas area, who ride at high speeds and perform stunts on public streets and highways. A CBS News producer, conducting research for the report, had contacted the AMA in mid-August.

"For the most part, the CBS News segment correctly portrayed extreme street riding as an isolated phenomenon," said Tom Lindsay, AMA Public Information Director. "It's unfortunate, however, that the irresponsible conduct of such a small number of motorcyclists gets national attention, while the overwhelming majority of American motorcyclists are responsible and law-abiding."

The AMA believes that stunt riding, like that portrayed in the CBS News report, has no place on public streets and highways, where it endangers both motorcyclists and other motorists.

© 2003, American Motorcyclist Association

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