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sqidbait 08-02-2003 07:17 PM

Re: UPDATE: 200-inch Baby-Block Motorcycle!
Nah. Slap 2 R1 engines into a V8 config. 120 cubic inches. ~280 rwhp, ~160ftlbs of torque.

Why bother with a design based on a car engine?

-- Michael

jsimpson 08-21-2003 06:54 AM

Re: 200-inch Baby-Block Chevy-Engined Motorcycle!
To start with, cutting each dimension by half produces an engine one-eighth the size of the original not one half the size. Furthermore reductions are never to scale. certain dimensions have to remain near constant for the sake of strength. Cutting the small block in half to create a V-4 would not even reduce the size in half, due to the flywheel, water pump, bearings supports. Nor would it reduce weight by half, for the same reasons. So basically, the entire line of reasoning is hopelessly flawed from the outset. Lastly, the Boss Hoss, with the whole thing in there is a *****cat to handle and control, so what's the point?

ArNinetyEs 09-25-2003 01:32 PM

Re: 200-inch Baby-Block Chevy-Engined Motorcycle!
Sorry. 750cc and 1000cc, 90degree V8, DOHC, multivalve design based on using Yamaha YZF400 cylinder heads on a proprietary V8 block, crank, etc.

Keep hearing lots about them, but still have not seen one. Check here

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