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seruzawa 07-07-2003 04:32 AM

Re: AMA and Noise
I find blaring cruisers and sportbikes as irritating as hell. Sometimes I can hear them late at night across a 1/4 mile of open field, loud enough to make dogs bark.

If you are going to put loud pipes on your cruiser, at least show enough class to rejet the dammed thing so that it doesn't backfire on compression braking. Otherwise you only reveal yourself to be an idiot. And don't forget that open drag pipes give a small HP increase at peak while worsening power and torque everywhere else. Similar for unrejetted 4-into-ones.

However, never forget the old "less sound more ground" movement of the 70's. We quieted our dirtbikes.... and they closed the riding areas anyhow.

The safety nazis and the environmental groups will work to ban us, no matter how much we "compromise". "Compromise" , to these people, means only us giving up our rights incrementally. The enviro-wacks never give an inch and immediately work to undermine any supposed agreed compromise.

Buzglyd 07-07-2003 05:08 AM

Re: AMA and Noise
What? I can't hear you over the noise of my clutch!

Following your advice, my geezer glide is appropriately quiet. I just blast people with the cd player now.

KPaulCook 07-07-2003 06:15 AM

Cruiser boys this is your wake up call
Us sportbike guys are not blame for this so don't put us in your crowd. How many times have I come up on some cruiser boy with his loud pipes save lives helmet sticker, blasting his potato potato from his straight pipes. Talk about giving motorcyclist a bad name. There are gated communities now which don't allow motorcycles because of you clowns. Hey cruiser boys put a sock in it.

KPaulCook 07-07-2003 06:15 AM

Don't put sportbikes in there
Most if not all sportbikes have cans so don't put us in that crowd cruiser boy.

sportbike_pilot 07-07-2003 06:34 AM

Re: AMA and Noise
Sound and the perception of sound are technically thorny issues and that makes noise ordinances that make sense notoriously difficult to write and enforce (at least outside of confined spaces). Is the noise broadband or harmonic? Does it have a lot of energy in a portion of the spectrum that poses an actual health threat? If so at what distance? A lot of sounds that are irritating to some are innocuous to others. Some sounds that are quite audible are also completely harmless. Even the huge overpressure in a nuclear weapons blast (which creates a SPL large enough to exceed the maximum pressure amplitude of the atmosphere) is mitigated by the inverse square law at a remarkably short distance.

We usually don't enact ordinances that regulate other environmental quality issues unless some potential for harm can be demonstrated. When we do the ordinances are usually narrowly crafted to address the specific issue at hand. In a legal sense then, why is noise different? I've worked on noise mitigation projects for farmers who had a ventilator going on a spud cellar that bothered someone over a mile away. When I made all of the measurements I found that the noise from the ventilator was over 6 dBA below the noise floor in the affected home. The issue then? It was something unusual in the background that the new residents just hadn't gotten used to yet. This is often the case with sounds that carry a lot of energy in the right portions of the audible spectrum: the fact that the sound is a little unusual stimulates perception even though it's at a very low level. This is just one example but it illustrates the complexity of the issue. Whether or not noise is a problem is an interplay between energy, frequency and perception. I've yet to see a noise ordinance that addresses all of these factors in any way that made a whole bunch of sense.

Are lound noises annoying? Almost certainly. Are they harmful? It depends. Should they be regulated? Sure, but you have to be smart about it and fair. The mix of the AMA and other entities involved in researching this issue doesn't inspire any great confidence that this is going to happen here. Too bad.

KPaulCook 07-07-2003 06:48 AM

On the other hand.
When I was going to school in Boulder, Colorado I received a ticket because my car was too loud. Boulder like other environmentally sensitive cities have noise ordinances which are strictly enforced. Even though these ordinances may not make sense or are fair or even accurate, noise ordinances do exist and are enforced.

electraglider_1997 07-07-2003 06:51 AM

Sport bikes loud whine
I like my bike fairly quiet and wish that all pipes came with decible data as a matter of law. I bought screaming eagle mufflers and ended up putting back on the stock because of what I thought was excessive noise against my ear drums. The throbbing was too much. It was bouncing off my fairing is the only thing I could think of. Anyway, I hear all kinds of sports bikes from a 1/2 mile away racing through the gears so it isn't just v-twin noise.

electraglider_1997 07-07-2003 07:01 AM

Noise ordinances
I'm an elected city councilman and we just got through passing a noise ordinance. No blaring radios that can be heard over 50 ft, lawn mowing only from 7 am to 8pm, and so on. Nothing specific on motorcycles. These ordinances would not be necessary if people would just care about more than their lousy selfs. Heck, go out to Sturgis during bike week and try and sleep in one of those camp grounds. There are always a few a-holes that want to rev their super louds bikes in the middle of the night after you've finally nodded off. That is why I camp in the national forest outside of Sturgis. Only coyotes and other sounds of nature.

BRIAN_1 07-07-2003 07:13 AM

Re: AMA and Noise
Worse than the Harley's with straight pipes are the sub-woofers that vibrate everything within a 1 block radius.

ratrider955 07-07-2003 07:14 AM

Re: AMA and Noise
I ride a sport-touring bike with an off raod can, live in a middle class sub-divison, and try to be considerate of my neighbors especially early on Sunday mornings when leaving for a ride. As such, my neighbors and myself get along very well. Yesterday, a squid from the next street decided to test out his new drag pipes on his H-D by blasting up and down my street at 50 to 60 mph (limit is 20) as well as not wearing a helmet (Ms is a helmet law state). There were a few people out and about and all were visabley upset over this assinine display. Now I've tried very hard to project a positive image of motorcyclists and this butt-head comes along and undoes a lot of what I've accomplished over the past few years. Self-centered jerks like him continue to give motorcycle enthusiasts a bad name, and there seems to be nothing to do about it (maybe a broom handle through the spokes? hmmmm). It seems like courtesy and consideration are long forgotten ideals in our modern society. 'Tis a shame.

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