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P-Ratt 12-11-2000 10:32 AM

Re: National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety
Well it's about time for a comprehesive study on the of our groups shortcomings. The Hurt report's age makes it difficult to cite and still believe any accuracy can be found therin.

Dave 12-11-2000 12:02 PM

Re: National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety
It's hard to trust Mr Safety, but we ought to be hopeful that an honest dialog with our concerns being voiced by the AMA and MSF can only help our cause. It sounds like at the very least the government is willing to recognize the Motorcycle Industry as a legitimate concern. That's definitely a breath of fresh air! Maybe as a group we should stifle our suspicions and criticisms long enough to see if Big Brother might actually begin to treat us like the mature, responsible adults we purport to be. The whole deal sounds like good news to me!

ollie 12-11-2000 12:32 PM

Re: National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety
I've read a lot of negative comments here, but I'm optimistic about this study. Anything that leads to better motorist awareness and safer road design (i.e. no more gravel shoulders!!) would be welcome.

I'm also in strong favor of better rider training and safety awareness. Almost everyone has seen an inexperienced or irresponsible rider make a bad name for all of us, and I'll do anything I can to help educate those people.

stevegrab 12-11-2000 12:51 PM

Re: National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety
Uh, did you read that here on MO? That story about the Tennessee law was a hoax, and many asked MO to remove it, but I guess they like the extra hits on the web site.

IceWorm 12-12-2000 01:30 AM

Re: National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety
You sound a whole lot like someone I know.

Ice Worm

Abe_Froman 12-12-2000 05:58 AM

Re: National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety
Bravo. You're exactly right. I resent that *MY* money is being wasted on this crap.

Not that anybody ever seems to care about this, but there is *NO* authorization under the constitution for the federal government to be involved in, or spend one red cent on motorcycle safety.

Abe_Froman 12-12-2000 06:03 AM

Re: National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety
I wouldn't go so far as to say that insurance companies are stealing your money. You have a choice about which insurance company to use. The real thieves are government beauracrats. The government is holding a gun to your head and saying "pay your taxes." No insurance company will ever do that.

"The moral test of any law is whether it allows government to do what would be considered a crime for the ordinary citizen."

Abe_Froman 12-12-2000 06:05 AM

Re: National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety
Frankly, I could care less about whatever "bad name" I might have as a result of other stupid motorcyclists. It doesn't affect me. The only thing that affects me is the government trampling all over my rights, and having a "bad name" is no justification for them to do that.

VFRider 12-12-2000 07:39 AM

Re: National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety
No mone has said why we need to spend millions of dollars on this study. What are the goals? What do "they" intend to do with information from the study? Let's not just do this because it's nice to say we did.

Gliderguy 12-12-2000 07:39 AM

Re: National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety
Not likely. Anyway with aircraft its not like you can pull it over by the next cloud over there while you sort things out. Believe it or not an interstate highway is one of the SAFEST places you can put a light aircraft down if no runway is available. Trying to land on soft ground would flip a lot of aircraft over on their backs, if it didnt collapse the front wheel and wreck the engine and propeller...

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