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Default Re: New Mexico claims your organs

I have no words to describe how livid this proposal makes me. I live in NM, I ride, I wear a helmet, and I'm an organ doner. But all of that is my decision, and my decision alone. No one has the right to tell me to ride with a helmet, or to be an organ doner. What's the next personal decision the government is gonna make for me?
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Default Sounds good to ME...

Helmetless motorcyclists are GREAT donors, often the only real damage is a skull fracture and a bit of roadrash...

Personally, given the shortage of organs and the lack of donations, an "opt-out" (donor unless state otherwise) rather than "opt-in" (only a donor if stated) would be a better system.

Hell, if you're dead, your heart ain't doin much good left to rot.

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Default Re: New Mexico claims your organs

I am an organ donor. I also wear a helmet. Forcing people to do either is not what is all about (freedom) I hope you were joking! If not when you croak I hope they quarter and dismember your carcass without consulting your kin.
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Default A new trend may develop

In the years since the Hurt Bill was enacted there has been a significant increase in helmetless riders involved in accidents. It seems that anyone that rides alone rides without a helmet. Despite claims by family members that many of these riders never even sat on their bikes without a helmet, all solo rider crash victims in the last 24 months were found helmetless and thus deemed organ donors. In contrast, all riders that were with groups when they went down were wearing helmets. Its an interesting trend to be sure. More at 11. . .
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Default Re: New Mexico claims your organs

Gotta say that the entire "controversy" is hilariious, especially in view of the fact that the sponsor is a conservative ("libertarian") Republican.

As one who helps support the (idiotic) choice of my fellow riders to ride without protection through my insurance premiums and taxes, I think it's about time that the responsibility that balances the "right" to ride without a helmet be quantified.

Almost as funny is the fact that a "libertarian" Republican would find it necessary to suggest the state be empowered to harvest organs from (recently) unwilling victims to avoid the "liberal" requirement that one wear a helmet while riding.

All in all, the best laugh of the day.
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Default We Win!

From a press release issued by the AMA:


PICKERINGTON, OHIO -- The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) has announced that New Mexico state Sen. Allen Hurt (R-Waterflow) has informed the AMA that he will withdraw Senate Bill 239, which could have forced some motorcyclists to become organ donors.

AMA leadership learned of Sen. HurtÂ’s intentions this afternoon in a message which read, in part: "You win ... IÂ’m pulling New Mexico SB 239." Late last Thursday, the AMA had expressed its outrage at SB 239, which, if it had passed, would have allowed the harvesting of organs from any motorcyclist who didn't wear a helmet and was declared brain dead as a result of an accident.

"This victory demonstrates how powerful our voice can be when American motorcyclists speak together," said Sean Maher, AMA Director of State Affairs. "When New Mexico state officials received more than 1,100 e-mails opposing SB 239, they got the message, and Sen. Hurt acted quickly to withdraw his proposal."

The AMA organized opposition to the bill, urging motorcyclists to use the AMA Rapid Response Center -- part of the AssociationÂ’s website, AMADirectlink.com -- to send a message to Hurt and the New Mexico LegislatureÂ’s leadership.

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Default Re: We Win!

What an absurdity. It's clear that the AMA can mobilize significant pressure to defeat a silly symbolic bill in the legislature of a tiny state that never stood a chance of passage in the first place. Very impressive.

Meanwhile, while the AMA continues to focus its attention on defeating/repealing helmet legislation the infrastructure upon bikes depend, such as highways, continues to deteriorate.

Rather than crowing over meaningless and easy victories, how about concerted efforts to promote motorcycle parking in urban areas? Resistance to elimination of HOV lanes on freeways? Support for fuel taxes that properly penalize gas guzzling, highway destroying SUV's in favor of fuel efficient means of transportation?

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