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Duken4evr 01-01-2003 02:50 PM

Re: High fashion or the pinnacle of gayness?
Lame poseurwear. Fagstyle. Gay. Ghey.

No offense to those who like it up the poop chute. Where is the leather whip and the bossy large breasted blonde Dominitrix wench when we need her? She would love this sh*t.

If this catches on, the end is truly near.

balinx 01-01-2003 02:52 PM

Re: High fashion or the pinnacle of gayness?
Stop denigrating homosexuals?

GogglesPaisano 01-01-2003 02:56 PM

Re: High fashion or the pinnacle of gayness?
"Do It Yourself – Customizing Ideas

• Apply your own airbrush designs

• Attach your own studs, chains or rivets

• Attach your favorite club's logo or patch"

I'm guessing the club would be "Cornholers M/C"

This is one of those accessories for "the biker that simply adores the theatre!"

For more information see below...

timesheet 01-01-2003 03:50 PM

Re: High fashion or the pinnacle of gayness?
I'm sure they will be everywhere in the next *****s on tanks calendar.

I don't know about the pinnacle, that's reserved for handlebar end tassles.

I even hated them on bicycles when I was a youngun'.

And I REALLY hate them on exotic dancers.

El_Flaco 01-01-2003 03:58 PM

Need I be redundant...
but where's The Highwayman???

rider_md 01-01-2003 04:42 PM

Re: High fashion or the pinnacle of gayness?
truly a poseur design, however...

- gay-bashing isn't the way to communicate that. (like I'm one to talk, but at least I don't do it behind a computer...that's pretty weak... if you're gonna gay-bash at least be a MAN and do it to peoples' faces)

- re: you alluding to neon-yellow riding suits as poor fashion... i agree... however, there are some of us who know that no amount of riding skill will prevent the cell-phone talking SUV driving pig from haphazardly turning into you, or smacking you in some way because they were too busy yapping and not paying attention to the focking road.

that nasty yellow riding suit saves lives. (i don't have one... yet)

in other words, you're an idiot and a coward mr. "staff", but i do agree those arm chaps belong in a dumpster.

staff 01-01-2003 05:07 PM

Re: High fashion or the pinnacle of gayness?
Geez, we're just foolin' around, maybe your New Year's Resolution should be to lighten up?

Who ever said being gay was bad, or that we would bash anyone for any reason?

piinob 01-01-2003 05:12 PM

Re: High fashion or the pinnacle of gayness?
I guess it takes all kinds of folks to make an intresting world. I don't have much use for this kind of crap myself, rates right up there with such new modern ideas as body piercing, and tatoos. Another way for us all to express our individuality together. Don't it make you all warm and fuzzy feeling!!!!!

Skorpion23 01-01-2003 05:27 PM

Re: High fashion or the pinnacle of gayness?
Well, at least they give new meaning to self fellagilation.

rider_md 01-01-2003 05:28 PM

1) Lighten up? Then why did you reply? Perhaps, my message irked you? Maybe I SHOULD lighten up; but if that is the case, so should you, since you've taken the time to reply to my public criticism. :)

2) So let me get this straight... you're telling me with a straight face and a clear conscience that when you were choosing the words to describe this accessory, referring to it as the "pinnacle of gayness" had no negative connotation WHATSOEVER?

If that is the case, I apologize... sincerely.

However, we both know that is not the case, so this apology is pointless and unwarranted. (unless of course you can prove otherwise)

Being that you decided to use these words, please explain why you chose them to describe this accessory.

Because I am of rather low intelligence, please explain in excruciating detail how these fringed leather arm accessories are "gay", "homoerotic", or flaming?

Is it something a homosexual man or woman would wear? Do you sincerely believe that is what a homosexual man/woman would find pleasing to the eye? And if that is your belief, how exactly would you know such a fact?

Perhaps you're still exploring yourself?

If you truly are staff, I would then assume you consider yourself a journalist. And as a journalist, I'm sure you understand that what you write will in all likelihood never please the wide spectrum of public opinion, and therefore you will be criticized. So, why does my comment bother you?

Finally, I say coward, because

you have no personal userid for which a reader can directly attribute your words to.

Anyone and everyone sees my userid: rider_md... I don't know if my email is on my page, but I figure if you're so upset about it, you, being staff, can look my info up on the profile I submitted when I subscribed, and perhaps have it out with me on a personal basis?

So who's the coward Mr. "Staff"?

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