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Default Re: Case in point; Dinner for the wife, Cook!

I've got to sign in on this one... As a Police Officer, and a Juvenile Officer who gets to interview the victims of sexual offenders and the offenders themselves, I have to say that the "20%" figure is way too low. Many of the crimes either never get reported, or when they are reported, get tossed because of the lack of victim participation (we just want it to go away), or as in this last case I worked, the wonderful, beautiful prosicutors office said that I did not have a case because the offender would not confess about it to me. There was a lack of physical evidence you see; must have swallowed it. Repeat offenders, the hard core ones, just don't talk, much. Anyway, tell everyone you know about these Punks, they will offend again. To keep from going into a really long tirade, Sexual Predetors do not see anything wrong with what they do. Pedifiles are orentated towards childern, they think that sex with childern is normal, okay, and right. Here in Ohio we finally have a new sexual offender catigory for juveniles. They have to register just like the adults. Hopefully, it will keep these "people" under the watchful eye of the watch groups and parents so that they can not offend again, or at least lessen the opertunity for them to do so. It's no fun trying to get a five year old to talk to you about something when they have no concept about what happened to them.

Whew, that was a little bit of venting. Cook, you're wife was absoultly right to do what she did. Buy her dinner and send me that bill...Denny's work?

As for your Canadian "friends", F-em. They've got nothing better to do on winter nights but to think of all the ways they wished they were like US, or try and figure out way to screw US, kind of like those on the Left Coast who keep moving into the Real West and then telling those of us who hunt there that we're bad for doing so. Colorado is looking a lot like California. (Every hear of Boulder? Jon Bonet's mom killed her! Got money? We've got your OJ defense.)

Now calm down. I think I'll go out in the garage and stare at my Daytona and make vroom vroom noises since its snowing.
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Default Re: Enraged cager runs over sister's biker beau

wow...an accident? after draggin the guy for 200 ft.?..."in other news...The Dearborn Press & Guide also reported that O.J. is an innocent man"
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Default Re: Case in point; Dinner for the wife, Cook!

Excellent Post. Keep up the good work. A lot of parents are grateful to you guys.
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Default Re: Case in point; Dinner for the wife, Cook!

The 20% is the number I got out of the paper, I'm with you on this, they should hang 'em by their balls, I can't imagine the frustration police must feel seeing these fukers get away on lack of evidence, or procedural errors or whatever, you guy's don't get paid enough, we've got a dope dealer here on trial for the third time for killing a sheriff during a drug raid, all it takes is one dumbshiit on the jury and they walk, makes me sick.
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Default Re: Enraged cager runs over sister's biker beau

Oh, really!!

I've been in law enforcement since the 80's, and I can sit here and tell you that it's this "tolerance" garbage that's got us into the mess we're in now.

Just keep "tolerating" every misdeed that comes along, and you'll find yourself with even more misdeeds. And you can point your finger directly at the liberals to see where the fault lies.
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Default Re: Enraged cager runs over sister's biker beau

"Just keep "tolerating" every misdeed that comes along"...

I was using the term tolerance in a positive way as in tolerating different beliefs and cultures of others. It is what makes life rich. If you want to take the word out of context as you did and apply it to tolerance of anything, then you missed the point.
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Default Re: Enraged cager runs over sister's biker beau

Nethercrat, huh? More personal attacks huh? More insults for those who refuse to join the insane left-right political machine that dominates the US? Did you notice how well the Demos and the Pubbies get along when it comes to gerrymandering a whole nation to ensure permanent re-elction for incumbents? There ain't a nickle's difference between the two. They just use certain buzzwords to sucker the voters into re-electing them while they rape the taxpayers for their special interests.

What does the sentencing of a convicted criminal have to do with "the rights of the accused"? You are completely off-subject. And you can forget the Democrats' compassion for the rights of the accused as they line right up to vote for the Homeland Security Act. And when they couldn't vote for the Patriot Act fast enough. The Libs gave up their belief in civil liberties long ago. Unless it is "civil liberties" that further their own political aspirations.

Democrat manifesto- More government at all costs. Who cares if the public become nothing but tax slaves?

Republican Manifesto- More government at all costs (while pretending to be against it). Who cares if the people become nothing but tax slaves?

You're the one who's been making it personal. But then liberals usually simply accuse others of their very own acts. This is why they so often accuse others of being mean-spirited or fascist. No one who cares about "the people" turns vicious criminals loose to prey on society.

Hitler was a socialist you know. A left-winger, not a right. Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot.... Socialism has such a "glorious" record.
"Make no mistake, Communism lost a big argument - one we know today as the 20th century."
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