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Hadji 11-21-2002 06:07 PM

When is the MO road test?!!! I think that Johnny B, Hack-Phooey, et al need to get a sample moto and give their opinion. Heck...Yossef, your across the pond, we need an in-depth road/off-road test of this unique motorcycle. How far can you go across hill and dale on a tank of gas? What's it like to kick start a 650 cc deisel thumper? :) Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

SlowBear 11-21-2002 07:53 PM

Re: USMC Diesel Motorcycle
I can't say I think his explanations makes a lot of sense. Try Steve Anderson's article showing how a car that is heavier and makes less torque but more power is slight faster and quicker in the quarter mile.


jmeyn 11-22-2002 03:39 AM

Re: USMC Diesel Motorcycle
Really lovely, that one.

jmeyn 11-22-2002 04:00 AM

Link to Specifications
M1030M1 IDI Diesel Motorcycle

It's sort of a Hummer motorcycle, except it's quite light. Very, very practical away from the shop.

banda 11-22-2002 04:19 AM

Re:Torque Vs. HP
I can't believe someone modded this as intelligent. It's the worst kind of psuedo physics.

Do you believe that a grape can withstand 1000 foot pounds of torque? Of course you don't. That should have been a big clue that whomever you are quoting was talking out of his hat.

Here's what is confusing you: If you are measuring horsepower by multiplying the torque by the observed rotational velocity, and there's no rotational velocity to observe, then you can only come up with a power rating of zero. That indicates a flaw in your method. It's like saying that when you press the bumper of a camaro up against a brick wall and then gas it, that the camaro must not be making any power because it didn't go anywhere.

Here's an experiment you can try at home to show that torque without high angular velocity is destructive. Get yourself a long long breaker bar and apply 400 foot pounds of torque to your axle nut. I bet it breaks, and I bet you exhibit less than a quarter of a horsepower in breaking it. Notice that you were turning the breaker bar at less than 10 rpm when the axle nut stripped its threads.

Material deformation is directly related to force, and the shear forces on a motorcycle tire are related directly to the torque transmitted through the carcass of the tire by turning, braking or acceleration. The speed at which the torque is applied is largely irrelevant except that the torques are applied for longer durations in high power applications.

banda 11-22-2002 04:51 AM

Re: USMC Diesel Motorcycle
The article that squidbait linked makes perfect sense. It doesn't contradict anything in the article that you linked, either. In fact, sqidbait's linked article explains your linked article quite well.

Gabe 11-22-2002 05:26 AM

USMC Has Always Had Bikes...
At least for the last couple of decades. When I was in the Suck (88-92), our regiment had 2-4 bikes used for recon and (mostly) message dispatch. They were KLR's, I believe, but civilian models purchased locally (at Hutchins Motorsports in Yucca Valley, CA). The motor pool would then paint them green and let the devil dogs have at it.

The Marines also had a motorcycle courier training program at Camp Pendleton as well. The bikes were used pretty hard and broke down a lot! Another issue was fuel- they were the only vehicles that used gasoline, and it could be a pain to get out in the field, as there were no regular supply channels for gas.

banda 11-22-2002 05:32 AM

Re:Torque Vs. HP
Note to self: Check spelling of "pseudo" before posting long diatribe.

banda 11-22-2002 08:45 AM

Re: USMC Diesel Motorcycle
A 4 horsepower motor can generate a million pound feet of torque with the right gearing. The final drive is just v_e_r_y_____s_l_o_w.

(like you!)

drandall 11-22-2002 08:56 AM

I'll buy one
A KLR with a 500 mile range? One that I can run on biodiesel? That would be the ultimate on/off-road tourer.

If it's competitively priced with the KLR now, I'll definitely buy one.

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