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sarnali 10-04-2002 01:40 PM

Re: KPaul transformation and other observations...
My opinion of the AMA is that Until they get off the lukewarm helmet use policy they won't represent me. The AMA is supposed to be the umbrella group that supports all riders, yet they waste time and effort fighting Helmet laws which caters to one specific demographic, How many sportbike riders do you see w/out helmets? Their whole thrust should be Rider training and education, Ride sober, and wear appropriate clothing and gear, instead of a faggy little disclaimer at the back of the book [so to speak] it should be prominant in their's and manufacturer's ads. Motorcycles have been in my family since the '30's and my dad taught me to ride when I was nine, when I started to ride streetbikes he told me it doesn't matter who has the right of way, you're the one thats going to get hurt, so ride like your invisible, and always leave a space cushion, so you have an exit if someone gets stupid around you, my feeling is that if your going to ride drunk or buzzed, or if your doing 60 in a 35,your kinda' askin' for it, a little personal responsibility goes a long way. AS far as being seen goes, on the way to work today I saw some lady in a minivan, yapping on a cellphone, go from the left lane to the right shoulder in front of a semi, that had to swerve and damn near hit the car in front of me, now if she couldn't see a semi in her mirrors, what chance would she have of seeing a bike? I'm not trying to stereotype with the minivan cellphone lady, but there she was. If you get hit the argument over whether it was negligence or accident or what becomes academic, 'cause your ass is the one thats going to be hurtin', make yourself visible, leave an escape route, stick to the speed limit in town and save the beers for the garage when you get home, and you'll get to keep riding, get stupid and you'll get hurt sooner or later

gforces 10-04-2002 01:52 PM

Re: Motorcycle Crashes, Deaths on the Rise in WA: Blame on SUVs, HOGs, Older Riders
Makes sense, and your input means a lot, being the first to see the reasons for a lot of motorcycle accidents.

tomekd 10-04-2002 01:55 PM

Re: Motorcycle Crashes, Deaths on the Rise in WA: Blame on SUVs, HOGs, Older Riders
Amen .I firmly belive you have to ride faster then traffic flows.If you are nice and sitting in one lane,you are well,,, sitting duck.I commute in Chicago ( btw we`ve had great summer),high beam,faster then traffic flow,race pipe is a proven recipie for save riding.

rsheidler 10-04-2002 01:58 PM

Re: Unsafe Sales...
I guess the business odel works something like this:

1) Sell the novice rider the fastest, and/or most expensive bike that he (could be "she" but usually they are more rational about such things) can financially swing -- arrange high interest financing (where you get a nice kickback) if the schmuck wavers toward a cheaper bike. This gives you the best possible initial profit.

2) If the guy crashes it, make a killing on replacement fiberglass, levers, mirrors etc.

3) If he doesn't crash it, but just scares the begezus out of himself, you buy it back cheap, put in on your lot, and sell it for just a bit less that new to the next dumb schmuck who can't quite swing the cost of a new one.

4) go back to 2) above and continue the process.

All this depends on a continuous supply of new victims -- if not enough show up, ***** to Honda, Yamaha, Ducati or whoever that they need to spend more on advertising and promotion -- maybe win more Superbike races or something.

Or, you could encourage new riders to buy one of the good used mid-sized bikes you have in stock -- you know, one that one of your loyal customers traded in when he was ready to upgrade -- one that you know is in good condition cause you got to do all the service. Maybe include a MSF class with a new or used bike purchase for new riders. Treat them right so they come back for service, buy helmets, boots leathers, then more for the wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend. Maybe some aftermarket parts. Encourage him/her to take an advanced rider class to move beyond basic skills. Soon enough, these customers will be ready for that bigger/better/faster bike, you will pick up a nice used bike in trade, which will make it possible to start this process over with the next novice who comes into your shop (after being referred there by his more experience buddy).

sarnali 10-04-2002 02:11 PM

Re: Hard to figure
Washington state has a stepped license requirment now, it's a number on your endorsment that indicates what engine size your qualified for, one for 160cc, two for 500cc and three for any engine size, I'm not sure how you move up, as my license was in effect before the system was implemented, but it's a start... I'm one of the ones who got snowed by a Mukiltio watch salesman, and voted to end the excise tax, oh well,,,, I guess I used up the one mistake per lifetime we're all allowed

rsheidler 10-04-2002 02:13 PM

Re: KPaul transformation and other observations...
>>some lady in a minivan, yapping on a cellphone, go from the left lane to the right shoulder in front of a semi, that had to swerve and damn near hit the car in front of me<<

About a year ago, near where I lived at that time, a young woman was bicycling on a main rural road, on the paved shoulder (about 10' wide to the right of a solid white line) on a straight, slightly uphill section of road where there is at least one mile of visibility. She was wearing a bright colored jsesey and a bright helmet with reflective tape. A woman SUV driver, talking on the cell phone, didn't see her, veered 10 feet from her lane and tail-ended the cyclist at about 70 mph. Not surprising, the cyclist was DOA. No charges were pressed against the driver.

gforces 10-04-2002 02:16 PM

good for you
I've decided to still ride on the street, wear the best gear I can afford, stay alert, strive to become a better rider every day, and hope for the best. I do the same when I drive my cage, but without the gear.

I will also write my congressman and press them for more motorcycle awareness. The more of us do it, the more they'll listen. I know what I've done...and I hear you yap about what you've I will also respond with a question as well--"What can you do to help, and are you going to do it?"

gforces 10-04-2002 02:21 PM

Re: A radio ad campaign
write your congressman please.

sarnali 10-04-2002 02:21 PM

Re: Motorcycle Crashes, Deaths on the Rise in WA: Blame on SUVs, HOGs, Older Riders
Amen again, High beams on, faster than traffic, louder than stock and either the fast lane or the slow lane, hitting the shoulder has saved my ass more than once, Pay attention, 'cause you know the lame-brains aren't

sarnali 10-04-2002 02:24 PM

Re: KPaul transformation and other observations...
that kind of ***** bull***** has to stop.

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