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Default Bear attacks motorcycle carrying pizza!

Bear Tears Up Motorcycle Looking For Pizza - Denver News Story - KMGH Denver

I'm wondering if longride or 12er weren't in Colorado yesterday.
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Boo-Boo, that's no picanic basket!
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Nasty buggers, there's a tourist ad on the side of bus's here showing a grizz walking down the middle of the road and the tag line is "Wild Montana"......

Pretty good reason to stay away if you ask me! I almost got pasted on my K100RS by a buffalo in Yellowstone. I'd just as soon not repeat the experiance with a grizzly bear, pizza or not.
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Hey, the Black Bears across the Midwest and South aren't anything I'd like to mess with, myself. Screw a F'n Grizzly - anything that weighs more than a compact car and has 4" claws that it sharpens 15'-up on a tree can do whatever the Hell it wants - so long as I don't have to deal with it.
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Wasnt me... A buddy of mine had his trunk, rear door and back seat ripped out after a bear smelled an empty beef jerky packet in his trunk up in nor cal. Oops...
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