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MattTinSF 04-25-2002 07:54 PM

Re: AMA requests national accident study
Interesting. I was on the fence about getting the high-vis until I was riding down the freeway one day and saw something out of the corner of me eye that just demanded I look that way. It was a biker on the other side wearing a high-vis suit. I ordered one that afternoon, and have been very happy with the response I see since.


KenP 04-26-2002 02:36 PM

Hi-Vis & Headlight modulators
My Dad and I both ride...he has a VFR and lives in CT, I live in Chicago and ride an SV 650. We have each taken different approaches to visibilty.

My Dad, who mostly rides on rural roads, sports a HI-Viz Areostich and loves it. I frequently ride on Chicago surface streets and highways (complete with the much-despised cell-phone-chattering SUVs and semis) and use a headlight modulator.

All I can say about the modulator is that it works. It is not designed to ***** people off...more to give the impression that there is something wrong with your bike's headlight. I've never had anyone flip me off, but on occassion people in opposing lanes will flash their lights to give me a "heads up" that there may be something wrong with my bike. I've even had people roll down their windows at a red light and alert me to my "problem". They never appear to be annoyed and when I explain they declare "That's a good idea!".

I will sometimes flip the modulator off when I am stopped behind someone at a light, but I mostly leave it on...once again, I have never experienced it enciting any "road rage" in my direction. I can't tell you how many times I've seen the classic "front end dive" of an approaching car (from the front or side) when they slam on their brakes after seeing my cages leisurely rolling through a right or left turn when the "beacon" is on!

I know that (like loud pipes) modulators have been an issue of debate among enthusiasts...I guess some just think it is "too much" or it is just giving the caging public another reason to ***** about us, but in my opinion they work and I've never experienced negative flack from anyone sharing the road with me. Besides, it's my ass on the line, right? I have the choice/right to wear the proper safety gear and use a modualtor just like anyone else can ride wearing shorts, tanktop and sandals.

Obviously whatever method you choose to increase your visibility to the motoring public, it is never an excuse to get lazy and think that you've got all bases covered. There is no substitute for rider skill, restraint and vigilance...but making yourself noticed can certainly help to deal with the other side of our unique safety equation...everyone else.

12er 04-27-2002 05:24 PM

Re: Hi-Vis & Headlight modulators
I was set to have one thrown on several of my bikes but every mechanic Ive spoken with swayed me away. Every mechanic I asked said, "Sure they are great, if you like your wiring and electronics fried." They also void your warranty so you could have a melted down bike thats all you when it comes to fixing it. I must say though nothing catches the eye better, far better than Hi Viz and the previously popular yellow headlight on a dual light rig. But when they are quoting over 2/3rd failure rate, that frightens me. For the record I inquired at Aprilia / Muz, 3 BMW shops, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha and 2 Cycle Gears. They all said the same thing. That or nobody can install these things correctly.

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