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Default Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism


I consider myself neutral on the whole conservative and liberal simplification. I've been in Europe about 16 times in the last two years for work.

This whole four door dually 4X4 diesel pickup truck for the ten mile suburban commute is total crap! What is it with this mentality? They aren't safer than proper car.

Thumbs up to the whole PW50 thing as well. How many could we buy for the cost of one 500lb dumb bomb much less a multi-million dollar cruise missle.

Lets start burning all this freakin corn we over produce and let the religious freaks in the middle east have all that fossil juice!
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Default Re: You drive an SUV, You're an idiot.

Most of you seem to miss the larger point. We live in a free society that allows us, "life liberty and the pursuit of happiness".

You don't get to decide what that means to me, nor I for you, GET IT! A few people deciding whats best for everyone has been tried, it didn't work.

Human nature drives us all. Case in point, what do most lottery winners buy. Big new house, big new car or SUV, motorhomes, boats and motorcycles. What would you do with a buttload of found money? Drive your current ride and give the money to save the trees, I doubt it!

To label everyone who drives SUV's owns boats or whatever as idiots or gluttons and such is a little silly. Anyone who paints with such a broad stroke has a limited view of what makes our system work.

Our free marketplace is what drives this great nations economic engine. Some of these comments indicate a basic lack of understanding. Pursue your dreams, enjoy your life, keep it legal, don't judge others. I promise to do the same. Come over to the Dark Side, were having fun!

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Default Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism

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Default I agree, but...

Now, sure SUV's use exorbant amounts of gas. And this much gas would not have to be used to get from point A to point B in a more efficient vehicle. What about when we drive our "efficient" motorcycles around and we don't even have a destination? How many people do you think spend hours in that big pig of a vehicle just driving around because they enjoy it? We all are guilty of being gluttonous to some extent. As someone that loves motorcycling, smowmobiling, boating, and just about any other motor sport, I admit, I am a glutton. But hey, think about it.... burning gas = fun. (by the way, my car is a four cylinder Camry)
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Default Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism

Re: Your last job; why is it I am not surprised at the "real reason" you got fired? Why is it that people at both extremes (the Left is no better than the Right here) can not stand opposing points of view? I'm a capitalist and a true conservative (i.e. I think the government's job is to protect people's rights, be sure the food, water and air are not toxic, protect our borders and otherwise stay the hell out of our lives) but the current direction this country scares me to death.

Re: The SUV thing; I'm not in favor of passing laws to ban or limit SUVs, what I don't understand is why social pressure isn't brought against gas hogs. Hey folks, where do you think Osama's Bin Moron's $3,000,000,000 came from? YOU! Pretty much every dollar in the Mid-East is a petro dollar.

What do we get from our so-called leader? Doing drugs supports terrorism. Yes, some cocaine lords in Columbia still hide behind the facade of being revolutionaries but they are not the ones who have blown up are airplanes, embassies and the World Trade Center. Every time you fill up that 35 gallon tank your are sending money to our enemies. Add hurting our balance of trade, dirtying the air and possible contributing to global warming. I can't figure out how SUV drivers can walk down the street without being harassed.
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Default Seattle Drivers

Flaco, baby, you nailed it in regards to drivers in Western Washington. Passing on the right is an essential skill here.......but BE CAREFUL! It can be bloody dangerous if you're not paying attention.

As far as the SUV phenomenon goes, it's hard to imagine an area of the country with more SUV's that we have. I think people want to identify with the outdoor lifestyle which it is possible to have here.....of course, most SUV's here don't go further off road than the speed bumps at University Village.

Also, it's too bad that we can't filter between lanes in Washington as is done in California.

I'll be the guy working around the cages with you on a CBR1000F.

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Default Re: Seattle driving

Yeah, I've never quite figured that one out either... Left lane traffic: 45 mph. Right lanes: 75 mph. Go figure!

I still stand by my theory that the way that Seattle drivers (and most American drivers) act on the road is merely a reflection of the comas that are their lives.
\"I will not instigate revolution.\" -Bart Simpson
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Default Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism

Some Rollerskates are pretty nice cars.

My non-motorcycle vehicle is a VW Golf TDI. Gets around 50 mpg, seats 5, has heated seats, front, side and window airbags, nice tight German engineering (you close the door Ka-thunk, no rattles like all the American cars I've owned). Great car, I get in it and feel like I can drive forever. I don't care about performance when in it, just getting to my destination. I have my bike for thrills.

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Default Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism

I always suspected that motorcycle riding was basically an anti-capitalist endeavor. Perhaps long highway drones promote critical thought? I dunno. That's my theory. So I'll see your fanatic and raise you one.

JB - as one recovered catholic to another I say right on my bro. For those of you who don't know, parochial school is where you get sent when hell is too good a place for you. Consider the plight of an individual simultaneously the world's youngest athiest and the world's youngest altar boy and you'll cotton on as to why. If I had served out all of the detention I earned at various paroachial schools in my youth I'd still be in time out. You are not alone, amigo.

Anyway, my view on the main topic here is that we live on a small, wet crowded planet orbiting an undistinguised main-sequence star in a galaxy that doesn't even have a very interesting shape. That being the case it has always been hard for me to fathom the sense of self-importance, rightousness and the need to proselytise that humans acquire when they band together, especially in large groups, i.e., religious, governmental, social, although any number greater than two seems to do the trick just fine.

Although this is part of the general human condition, whenever you want a particularly egregious example of any excess you need look no further than right here at home. If you haven't traveled outside the USA you may not be aware that americans are not held in high esteem in a lot of the world. We tend to display a serious streak of chauvinism in our dealings abroad. And don't give me that "we're great because we're great" stuff. What we as americans are great at (beat the bejesus our of the rest of the world actually) is not as much hard work or intellect, but our ability to export and force our belief systems on the rest of the world. While dealing with the cultural onslaught our proteges are distracted long enough that we can grab their natural resources. An ingenious plan actually. All of this under the auspice of goodness and light of course. Of course we don't own this concept, our ancestors were pretty good at it too: crusades, inquisitions, imperalism, slavery.... it goes on and on.

Not, mind you, that I seen anything particularly wrong or immoral with this. I spend a lot of time watching big critters eat little critters around my farm all of the time. I am glad to be a big critter. I just think that one ought to own up to the truth. I don't necessairly consider gluttony a sin. The sin, I think, is lying about it. Especially to yourself.

Alas, we humans are, I'm afraid, not very good social creatures (as anyone who has ever tried to organize an office softball team will readily attest) unless we are whipped into cooperation by some external heirarchy. We are generally way too self-centered to act in a socially responsible manner left to our own devices. Heck the way I see it most of us are way to self-centered to even have manners. At least very good ones.

Nonetheless I dig it all, really. Out there are blue skies, green grass, women, Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, Flying Burrito Brother CD's, and motorcycles that rip! That is why I ride - to distract me from the rest of it. It's about the best way to get through the day.

I don't know that there is much that you can do for the Pol Pot's, Ronald Reagans's, Osama Bin Laden's, and Pat Robertson's of this world because they are true believers. But a lap around the big track at Willow on an R1 might be just the ticket to tune up your average Al Queda. At least it might scare them enough to crash their airplanes somewhere safer than in the USA.

Outside that, to quote Kerouac, I have nothing to share but my own confusion.


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Default Seattle Traffic

When the traffic is not backed up for miles with rows of SUVs going 5 mph I agree with you. Do they need to build roads here or what. I moved here to Seattle from Colorado and almost got killed once coming back from Alpental because I flashed my brights at a driver of a SUV (common practice in Colorado on I-70) in the left most lane going real slow. I hoped he would move over courteously as do most folks in Colorado.

But no He and his girl friend flipped me off and slowed down. When I passed him on the right he dangerously tail gated me all the way to North Bend. I pulled over ready for some confrontation but he keep going. I latter passed him again on the right side. It a sickness in Western Washington and I just go ahead and pass on the right side Good comments I'll be the guy behind you on the bright yellow Ninja ZX-6R.
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