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Default Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism

We need to think more about fuelconsumption when we buy our next new bikes, they just like cars get more weight (unless hypersports), more horsepower, make more revs and by doing soo they burn more fuel .

If tomorrow a decent bike(200kgs and 80-100 hp) makes 100miles to the gallon, we'd make a decent move to the third world aspirations

Patrick Ottoy

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Default Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism

If you lived on your own private island nation, you'd be mostly correct (apart from the air/greenhouse thing, which I'm not too hung up on). Do whatever the hell you want.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, we're all in this together. It is, unavoidably, also our business how much oil you and all our compatriots consume.

Driving hugely inefficent SUVs on a daily basis (like to work and back) is needless waste of resources. Resources are finite, the more you use now the less there is later.

In the end, we will all have to pay. Considering our domestic supplies will dwindle, some of that payment will be (and already is) in the form of needless loss of American lives defending our interests in oil-rich regions of the world. We would not have to take the middle east seriously at all if it wasn't for the fact that they have something we have become hopelessly dependent on and can't provide for ourelves.

With the increasing popularity of SUVs etc., this dependence is growing and we are already starting to pay. It is up to us. We are oil junkies and it's time to start kicking the habit so we can tell our dealers (Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran etc.) where to go.
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Default Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism

Bryan, I've found most of your posts enlightening - but gotta call you on this one:

"Anyone who has ever traveled to other countries, even the realitive prosperity of Europe, almost always comes back with a new awareness of how sick our culture really is. It is beyond my comprehension that any thinking person can come to any conclusions other than those you have expressed."

I've experienced different cultures all over the world for the last 20 years, and every time I return I'm thankful to be an american - I'm no ethnophobe either - in fact, my mother recently became an american citizen. According to you, I must not be a "thinking person" since I don't agree with all the conclusions expressed.

If anything, our culture breeds too much negativity, cynicism and intolerance. For every negative point, there's a positive counterpoint if you look closely enough. For all those griping about energy consumption and SUVs - do you ride your bicycle to work? Lead by example.
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Default Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism

1) slower traffic keep right- PERIOD

2) I don't care how good the mileage is, I'm not driving a Ford Focus or other "efficient" ugly rollerskate POS

3) If you're so worried about burning the worlds' oil, stop joy-riding and ride only to commute- and while you're at it, quit buying anything plastic, quit grilling steaks, go buy a motor-scooter or walk

4) I don't care if they hate me. This is the best country on earth

5) This is also the most geographically dispersed country on earth. We are not nearly as dense population-wise as Europe, Japan, etc....Because Americans usually live >5miles from work, we have to drive

6) Why aren't you in the HOV lane?
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Default Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism

Verbal diarrhea, Bryan.

great post Rod. Thank you.
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Default Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism

Wow, nice post aristotle
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Default Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism

I used to buy into all that hippy-commie crap-trap about being kind to the Earth, consume only what you need...then the '80s happened and all my friends were pulling down 6 figures as securities traders and driving 7 series BMWs.

I thought the impoverished 3rd World'ers hated us because we are The Great Satan. Isn't G.W. Bush Satan's *****? I know Chaney has to have some kind of contract with the Horned One considering how many times his ticker has stopped...then restarted....

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Default Don't buy the liberal propaganda JB

=== JB say:

"their parents raise them to hate us." Wonder why? Could it be, ohh, I dunno, we shat on their parents too?


Shat on their parents? how so? Don't buy into the leftist media arab-victim bs.. We nor the jews have kept them repressed and living in squalor. they did it all by themselves.

They don't hate us for our lifestyle. The whole gas guzzling, SUV, bigger is better thing is just an aside. I believe they hate us purely for our support and backing of israel which, if not for our support, would be long gone. From all I have ever read about the conlfict, their hatred of Israel is baseless and irrational considering the facts and the history. The trouble is, we know their history better than they do. They don't know the facts just the propaganda spread by their leaders.

That said, point taken about the SUV's being a big waste. Our collective american lifestyle disturbs me too, and i'm no tree hugger by any means. Gluttony is a good word for it.
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Default Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism - sold my Hayabusa to buy an eco friendly R1

Well, in order to benefit the environment, and to try to show some restraint in my own personal life, I decided to sell my somewhat porky Hayabusa to get a bike that is a little more efficient on gas, tires, insurance....

To my dismay, I find from reading the latest issue of SportRider, that Honda's 954 gets equal or worse mileage than my Hayabusa did!

But the new R1 is pretty good.

Not only that, but these liter bikes are easier on tires than the old Busa. And cheaper to insure. Plus, being so light, they really don't consume much in the way of natural resources. And so good in the corners....

Before I press on, I should say, that MANY OF US DECIDE WHAT WE WANT FIRST, THEN JUSTIFY THAT DECISION WITH LOGIC. An unfortunate part of the human condition. HOW AM I DOING SO FAR?

Now, I must say, in my defense, that I bought my Busa at least partly because I figured I would be doing lots of two up riding with my wife. Well, I was a little off base there - I should have eased her into those long distance trips. Lesson learned. So the new R1 is more to my needs.

Being able to keep the front wheel of the R1 off the ground for long periods at a time, must also be good for tire life. So I can definitely see some benefits there.

Plus, being so light, it should be easy to trailer behind my highly efficient 4 cylinder Volkswagen. No sense putting extra miles on the bike, on those boring straight stretches that get me to the mountains. Conserving bike tires, natch.

Oh yeah, I got rid of my truck for the Volkswagen. It was a V6 truck, but compared to my Volkwagen, what a guzzler. (Has anybody seen that Honda Civic commercial with the SUV/truck filling up? Hilarious. Brilliant. Brave. Chug-a-lug. I wonder how many people Honda offended with that one. Maybe they didn't dare showing that one in the US.)

And I have virtually stopped commuting to work, to compensate for my hydrocarbon burning bike plans.

Such sacrifice.

Anyways, achieving balance is not an easy thing. But we should each try.

Too easy (and painful) to just say: "Don't burn any gas at all." And so, to achieve balance, I must buy an R1 (or a good used 600, cause on mountain roads it's the rider not the bike).

Oh yeah, SUVs are terribly thermodynamically inefficient. More reason to get that new R1 (or used lightweight sportbike).


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Default Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism

My only point is that we have a direct source of renewable power that is pumping roughly 7000 times our current (1997 figures) power consumption. That suggests from the back of a ****tail napkin calculation that the problem is hardly intractable.

I also agree with you and Grapelli that there are self interested parties who don't want to cannibalize current oil revenues. Father of industrialization Adam Smith noted that "it’s not from the benevolence of the oil sheik that the world gets its petroleum, but from his self-interest". Even so, alternatives will become competitive soon enough.
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