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longride 03-06-2002 07:11 AM

Re: Media hype or a growing concern?
I agree. I have sworn off 3 piece suits ever since the Enron scandal. I also know for a fact that anyone wearing Levis and flannel shirts are emulating John Wayne Gacy, since that was his normal attire. Please folks lets stop this madness!

Abe_Froman 03-06-2002 07:18 AM

Once again.....
When I say HOG I don't mean Harley Owners Group. I mean "Harley". As in a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Abe_Froman 03-06-2002 07:29 AM

Re: Well, my sportbiking buddies and I aren't shooting people.....
If those two scenarios are equal from a moral standpoint, as you seem to be saying, how come the squid doesn't get charged with first or second degree murder for his crime, as does the guy who fires a gun on a crowd? The bottom line is intent----the guy speeding down the road probably doesn't have any intent to hurt anyone, since he will no doubt be seriously hurt himself in an incident. Moreover, virtually all vehicular collisions involve some measure of stupidity, whether the driver was grossly exceeding the speed limit or not. This is not equatable to pointing a gun at someone and firing. If stupidity = criminality, then we are all criminals at some point.

Le_Racer 03-06-2002 07:43 AM

Re: Hells Angels vs Motorcyclist image
I don't know about the situation of the HA in London but here, they don't have to walk around.

Their market is estimated at 1 billion a year just for drugs in Quebec, the top members have chauffeur and body gards, most of deplacements are in luxury cars or SUV, if they drive around in some old van or beat-up car, I'd stay quite away from there, something would happen for sure.

BBD_Racing 03-06-2002 08:27 AM

Re: Media hype or a growing concern?
Suits existed long before Enron. The Outlaw Biker Look was created by outlaw bikers. Hence, the two are crucially different.

BBD_Racing 03-06-2002 08:28 AM

Re: Same old story. . .
Scary story Nick. You actually went into a Luby's? ;-)

longride 03-06-2002 08:57 AM

Re: Media hype or a growing concern?
Sorry but the supposed "outlaw biker look" was "created" by motorcyclists of an era gone by. It is your own limited mentality that connects it with "outlaws" Go on the Chicago Outlaw website and check out the group shots back from the 50's. All those guys look like Buddy Holly. Was he a criminal? I can't tell the difference between one squid and another so I guess we are even.

longride 03-06-2002 09:09 AM

Re: Well, my sportbiking buddies and I aren't shooting people.....
Guys who fire guns without intent to injure are not charged with murder i.e. ex basketball star Jayson Williams. He was charged with manslaughter, the same charge a cop in Tenn got for running a biker into a guard rail with his squad car and killing him. Grossly exceeding the speed limit is a crime which usually accompanies a trip to the station, bail, and loss of license without an accident. Not exactly jaywalking here. Your logic seems to be flawed also as seruzawa did not say stupidity =criminality. He said stupid people commit criminal acts. Speeding excessively is a criminal act, period. Getting in a fatal at those speeds and you will probably be up for manslaughter and a hefty sum of repayment for wrongful death,if you live. What you really need to do is stop defending your "sportbiker buddies" for their transgressions as well as stop demonizing Harley riders for theirs.

3b 03-06-2002 09:50 AM

Re: Same old story. . .
I would leave too... Those little tassles on top really hurt ;^)

Mooner 03-06-2002 11:05 AM

Anyone seen Speed Triple feedback?
Every time I click on the link, it brings me here.

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