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Default Re: Biker gangs?

How am I dangerous? They are the ones shooting each other up. They do ride harley and I have no idea what it has to do with HOG, BMW or Cadillac. They (hells angels and pagans) have always been problem children. BTW, I doubt they care about HOG, BMW's or Cadillacs.
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Default Natural deselection.

It's not terribly surprising that rival gangs should have gang wars. It's neither surprising that some gangs revolve around motorcycling. The best course of action is let rival gangs eliminate one another (or at least reduce each others numbers).
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Default Re: Media hype or a growing concern?

WOW, you guys are seriously editing comments now.

I guess your "comments are property of the posters" doesn't mean anything.

Guess I won't be coming back to this site, or linking to it anymore.

You have sold out.

Forest Walters

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Default Re: Media hype or a growing concern?

While I'm not attempting to downplay the severity of these 2 "clubs" deciding to have a spat, the NY Post is somewhat sensationalist at times. Criminals are criminals, no matter where they are, or what modes of transportation they prefer. What concerns me is that Joe Random Public will regard me as a criminal for merely choosing a different mode of transportation, and harass me accordingly (whether it's behind me on the highway, or ahead of me doing 40 in a 55).

Oh, and as for all the blather about editing comments...I am not aware that MO staff edits comments, but I believe the message board software will mask profanity. Is this really something to get all worked up about, or are we getting to that point in society where all our conversation is carried on at a middle-school level? Grow up, folks.
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Default I *****, comment re-appears?

I guess you didn't get my cynical comment.

I was mentored by a Hells Angel Biker, and his teaching about life rings true in my ears today.

I am a geek that wears a suit. I just had the good fortune to be raised around people that cared, and some of them were Hells Angels.

Hells Angels are not the crazy and dangerous people that the media and some bikers would like to tell you they are. They are caring men and women, and like most folks, as long as you don't shoot at them you are going to be OK.

But, don't shoot at them, they will shoot back.

Oops, I guess that thought is not politicly correct enough for some folks...

As I said, get over it...
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Default Re: Media hype or a growing concern?

I rode with the pagans in 66 after they "absorbed" The Huns MC in the DC area. I think that is when the trouble with the Angels started. Dutch Burhan, who was the Pres. of the pagans wanted to talk to Sonny Barger about keeping things cool. He sent a guy out to Ohio to meet with some Angels and the Angels shot him. He did not die, but he got real small for a while.

I went to Vietnam after that and when I got back it seemed like more of my biker friends had been killed than my Army buddies. I don't think that I am saying anything that people don't already know. It's not like I have turned into a dime dropping citizen or something, I'm just an old guy now and I don't want to see the story of those days lost, even though there was some nasty stuff involved. In fact, I have been wondering when someone was going to start hyping the old 1% thing. I guess that is what this whole story is about. FTW---Texino
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Default Re: Media hype or a growing concern?

Thank God I didn't ever pay you anything for this site. If I'm going to be censored by a bunch of *****'s ever time I try and write something with a little emphasis, well then MO can just kiss my ****!!!!!!!

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Default Re: Media hype or a growing concern?

The post is a sensationalist rag. There's an expert on every subject you can imagine, willing to say anything in order to get his/her name in the paper. I seriously doubt there's going to be an increase in MC gang violence. I think the bigger problem is MC gang's stealing bikes.

Am I the only one who thinks that there are some in HD's marketing department that were not exactly dissapointed to see this article? The outlaw, rebel image sells lots of bikes. The fact that HD's are good bikes with great resale value also sells some, but not as many. Why do I think that the image sells more than the quality? The rediculous costumes cruiser riders wear. There's no other explanation for wearing uncomfortable, overpriced stuff that underperforms when sliding down the asphalt. Whew, kind of went on a loop there.

Am I wrong here? Anyone think HD loses more sales because of the bad image?

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Default Re: Media hype or a growing concern?

Yea right. I'm middle aged, and middle class and I'm sick of this midlife crisis crap. I've ridden bikes all my adult life and I can now afford a new/decent bike.. and I'm in mid life crisis.




Naff off, with one cliche' after another, eh? Enough with bikers are either gang members or in mid life crisis.
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Default Re: I *****, comment re-appears?

Do you work for the Hells Angels' Public Relations firm? I am not buying your bull. I have some personal familiarity with Hells Angels also. They are not the caring men and women that you say they are. Granted, they are probably not as bad as the media or public perception makes them out to be, but that is probably how they want it. I am sure they like their reputation the way it is.

They are also not stupid. So just because they have alot of high-priced attorneys on the payroll, are highly organized, and get involved with with some effective feel-good PR activities, that doesnt mean they have gone squeaky-clean either. Like I said, they are smart. There is no doubt in my mind they are still primarily involved with illegal activities such as guns and drugs, they're just not as obvious about things as they used to be to try and avoid law enforcement attention and bad publicity as well. They have learned the advantages of keeping a low profile. (Much easier to conduct their illegal business if the heat isnt on) They are careful to hide their illicit gains under quasi-legitimate business enterprises.

An educated guess says that most of the public would be shocked at their behaviour when they are with each other and they know nobody is watching.

You are right about one thing though, I would not shoot at them. Frankly, I would consider it extremely un-adviseable to even throw a punch at one of them, unless willing to incur the wrath of a multitude of them.
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