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Default Re: Helmet Law in CA

Tightening licensing laws would just result in more people riding without a license. Too many people do that already, as luvmyvfr pointed out. Not enough people attend MSF classes in the first place, let alone go in for an attitude adjustment every three years or so by taking the ERC.

A possible solution is to include motorcycle training as part of standard driver's ed. Everyone would learn how to ride a bike in the school parking lot. I don't know how it would go over (not well, I expect). BUT, if we could get that implemented, it would have several benefits:

1. There would probably be an increase in the number of licensed riders.

2. Everyone on the road would have some understanding of what we are all about and what we face on the road.

3. Even if most people never put a bun on a motorcycle seat again, they would be much more aware that we are on the road with them.

4. Those who chose to ride would have a modi***** of training and could get legitimately licensed.

5. It might even help improve our image among the general populace, because more people would be familiar with bikes. It is easier to fear or hate things if you don't know anything about them.

6. A lot of sixteen year olds who might never experience a bike would have a lot of fun for a couple of days.
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Default Your Slippery Slope, Not Mine...

It must be nice to see the world as a place of absolutes, with no shades of grey..."my way or the highway", right? Well, you are right, riding is NOT a right, and could be legislated away...but, it's pretty doubtful.

All I'm suggesting is that if we give 'em something worthless, like th e"right" to ride without helmets, they won't go after the bigger stuff, like being able to ride the bikes we choose to, where and when we want to. ut nobody is propsing that, and I think most Americans WOULD be opposed to banning bikes altogether...unless they really WERE paying too much for treating head injuries, in which case...you get the picture.

Nothing wrong with comprimise, especially when it's something like helmets. I mean really, who could rationalize not wearing one? It's just idiotic.

As far as Tim's burdening of society, well, if he weren't wearing a helmet, that would be one thing, but he was doing a risky thing with all possible safety measures taken. That's different than just doing something stupid...like riding a motorcycle with no training and no helmet or other safety gear.
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Default Re: Helmet Law in CA

While I agree with the reduced pension payment (pretty funny study by, I think Phillip Morris, wasn't it?), the taxes smokers pay and drinkers pay don't all go to health care. I would say very very little of it does, judging by how public hospitals are funded, and the repair they are in. It would be interesting to track where the money did go though...

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Default Re: Helmet Law in CA

Most of the students in the local riding classes here in SW Florida are Harley riders. HOG sponsors rider training, and really does a good job of promoting it. Too many of the young testostorone laden lads are to cool to take a class. Too bad, it could save their life.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation "beginners class" takes one evening and one weekend. It is not a huge investment of time to learn the basics of motorycle handling and survival techniques.

Most of the helmet-less rider are Harley riders as well. Go figure..............
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Default Re: Helmet Law in CA

I'd like to take a slightly different point of view. One thing I dislike about the California "helmet law" is that it isn't any such thing. Certainly anyone who gets a "Harley yarmulke" (or goes cheap with a plastic cereal bowl and a shoe string) and pastes on a fake DOT sticker, knows he isn't wearing a helmet. Since you don't have to wear any kind of protection in California, just put up with a little bit of hat styling, what's the big deal?

Certainly even the most hard core ABATEr knows he's not wearing a helmet. I suspect that in the back of the mind of the legislators voting on the subject is the notion that "Helmets are a good idea, and the law encourages helmet use. You can look out on the street and see that nobody really has to wear one, if they don't want to. With that kind of loop hole, why change the rules."

Of course, I happen to personally believe that laws should either be enforced or repealed. Which begs the question, do any states still have that rule that if you are riding without a helmet, you have to have personal medical coverage? Last I heard there was comment that it wasn't being enforced.

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