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grover750 01-17-2002 06:37 PM

Re: AMA Challenges Recent IIHS Report
Rod, I'm not a harley fan, but that was a hell of a comeback, well done!

john 01-17-2002 10:36 PM

Re: AMA Challenges Recent IIHS Report
I think why people do not care about people dying from heart attacks, cancer, etc. is because it is an accepted way of death, and happens enough that it has become the "normal" death in the US. Car accidents, too, but to a lesser degree. I mean, people expect to live to be 70, and die of a heart attack in their sleep. The public in general think of a motorcycle accident as a "tragedy" and therefore the individual incidences outweigh the mass numbers of other types of death. Which gets more attention, a death on a motorcycle or someoen having a hear attack?

That is why "unusual" activities draw so much public scrutiny, because they happen infrequently enough that they draw the spotlight.

That aside, i feel very little for those who choose to ride unprotected. I feel greatly for their families who have to suffer so their loved one could have "freedom." That seems quite a cost for freedom, having loved ones over your casket, and for such a small freedom. And don't say a helmet won't help, if you think they won't i have an experiment for you. Go to your garage, put on a helmet, and hit yourself in the head as hard as you can with a hammer. Now try without helmet. Notice the difference?

I really doubt helmetless riders have a substantial financial impact on insurance or others' insurance prices. I just think the individual's responsibility to family (esp. those over 40's we hear about who are likely to have family) outweighs the individual's right to "self-expression" or "freedom" or whatnot.

das 01-18-2002 04:15 AM

Re: AMA Challenges Recent IIHS Report
It's funny that you put it that way. My mom has the same basic opinion. Only instead of being about helmet vs. no helmet, it's about motorcycle vs. no motorcycle. She says that she'll have very little sympathy for me if I kill myself while riding (even though I wear full gear), and cannot understand how I could accept so much risk, especially with a wife and two kids.

I have an experiment for you... drive your car into a brick wall at 35mph. Now ride your bike into a brick wall at 35mph. Notice the difference?

Anyhow, my point is that risk management is a personal choice. Just because someone else accepts a risk you will not does not make them stupid; and just because someone else cannot accept a risk that you will does not make them lame. Either way, you should respect their decision, and that means treating them like a human being, even if their decision ends up hurting them.

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