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You might want to replace the cables. The usual failure is invisible, until the cable breaks, and you pull the rusty end out of the jacket. You will probably find there is nothing wrong with the brake, it's usually the cable sticking. Once they start sticking, they're already toast.

AFA the engine cover, try epoxy or maybe superglue on a surface of the plastic that is not visible when it is on the bike. See if the glue 'cuts' the surface of the plastic. If it does, you're good to go. If not (more likely the case), you'll need to find a glue that does. Maybe hobbyist model cement.

I haven't seen where you are located, but make certain you dress to ride. Regarding the cold, by the time you start shivering, you're already in trouble.

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im from cape cod massachusetts! New checklist: replace the tires, replace the cables, grease new cables, check brakes. Sweet! These old mopeds rock! i dont need to go faster than thirty! Now all i need is a sachs manual and im good to go. Oh yeah, when the brakes froze it wasnt the cable i was pulling on to get it unstuck it was the lever that the cable attaches to, maybe grease? i need to get my hands dirty and take this thing apart, i have some knowledge and if i get too deep into it i can just call my dad over. I quote my friend gordon "a sachs motor is one step more complicated than a hammer" lol
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