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Default 4 SALE Genie trapped in Castrol R bottle

For sale one standard three-wish middle eastern Genie trapped in an old Castrol R bottle for the last 30 years. I tricked him into the bottle by promising the secrets to decarbonization, and quickly snapped the top back on before he could escape. This Genie will grant you three motorcycle related wishes, so don't blow 'em all on silly stuff like arm chaps and white wall tires for your hog. $25.00 buys you the 1/4 quart of Castrol R, the bottle and the Genie. Or will trade for magic carpet.
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Male or female? The male ones tend to smell like goats, even after marinating in bean oil for 30yrs. he'd probably still stink.

A female covered in bean oil...well...that would work for me I believe....throw in a Joffa and some Scott's and we're there brew....
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Can I use the Genie as an air filter?

I don't have a magic carpet, but I do have an open bag of Harley Davidson Beef Jerky and a gallon of Wal-Mart's finest whiskey.
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Matt, what the heck are you mixing in with the mash?

I think it's getting to you!
You would not understand,
this is not how I am...

I have become -
Comfortably Numb.
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