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Default 1994 suzuki gsxr750 with 1100 motor


The right offer also gets the factory suzuki manual in three ring binder, along with the paint matched, super rare oe suzuki rear seat cowl (shown in pics), along with the new rear seat.

Please forgive me for the long description below, but I will be typing as I think of everything on the bike.

This is my 1994 Suzuki gsxr750 with a 1995 gsxr1100 motor. I am the original owner and bought this bike, new in the crate, in November of 1999 and I have the clear title in my name. The bike has less than 14000 original miles, which most were put on in the first two to three years. It has not been wrecked, so it is not a rebuild. Come to find, that the number one cylinder had 80% leak down, past the valves. So, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to build the bike I always wanted when I bought this one, a 711. Hence the decals on the fairings, as this is what a 750 bike with an 1100 motor is nicknamed. I found a running motor with less than 13000 miles on it and the build was on, although very slowly. At the time, many people said it was a simple swap but could not tell me what was needed. So, I had to learn as I went. I am not the type to cut and butcher something to make it work, so I had to find the proper items that would make the swap work and look as factory as possible. Now, that I have almost completed the swap, after about 5 years of the bike sitting in the garage and me working on it on and off, most all the info is now available. The only thing that really needs to be modded, which will be your responsibility, are the upper motor mounts that bolt onto the motor and frame. I have pics showing someone else’s modded mounts. The motor mounts off the 1100 bike do not line up with the top bolt holes. Some people say not to bother running them, but I would not do that. In 1994 Suzuki lightened the frame and added these mounts for better rigidity. There is only one spot on the wiring that was cut. There are two wires that come up from the bottom of the motor to the rear harness. One is for the neutral safety and the other is the “wheelie wire”. The wheelie wire would cause the CPU to retard the ignition in first gear to combat the wheelie happy nature of the 1100 bike. If Suzuki thinks that the 1100 bike had a wheelie issue, imagine the same motor now in a shorter and lighter bike! Most all 1100 owners clip this wire, so it won’t retard the ignition. What I did was splice (soldered) in the 750 neutral wire to the 1100 neutral wire, so it would plug into the rear harness like factory and eliminate the wheelie wire and ignition retard. This bike is using the 750 CPU, which has more aggressive timing than the 1100 CPU. You might want to add a rev limiter as it is too high on the 750 CPU for the 1100 motor. I also have the original 1100 CPU for the motor, but it did not plug and play. From what I have been told, you can swap the pins around in the harness connector to make it work. I had planned on installing a Dyna 2000 system that eliminates the CPU and has an adjustable rev limiter. The Clear Alternatives integrated LED taillight that I have has two wires that need to be spliced to the factory blinker wires, for the integrated amber LEDs to blink. I did not splice them in. I soldered on factory connectors onto the wires coming from the taillight, so they would plug into the harness like factory. The front LED turn signals use plug in Lockhart-Phillips connectors, so no splicing there either. I also have a Clear Alternatives electronic flasher that corrects the blink rate for LEDs, not yet installed, but just plugs in. This bike has the 38mm 750 carbs, as the 1100 carbs are 36mm. The carbs have a Factory Pro 3.0 kit that is designed for these carbs on the 1100 motor using pod filters, like the BMC filters I have on the bike. The kit is setup with Factory Pro’s baseline settings, so it can be tuned from there. The bodywork is all original to this bike and was repainted 2004 Suzuki Aerio Silky Silver and gloss black. There are a few minor chips in a couple spots from moving the bodywork around. Nothing really noticeable, unless you are looking for it, but the paint still looks new. The decals are from Welcome to www.tapeworks.com the premier aftermarket design source for motorcycle graphics and decals on the web.. The decal colors are black and their Honda Red, not orange like the pictures sometimes seem to depict. The decals are not clear coated, so they can be removed. The wheels have fresh gloss black powder coat. The exhaust is a Yoshimura race system that has stainless steel header and mid pipe and a carbon fiber muffler. System sounds great, not too quiet, not too loud. It also has new Driven front and black rear sprockets with stock 750 gearing, for a baseline starting point, along with a new red EK chain. I have also installed a 2005 gsxr1000 rear shock that was a new take off from a shop that converts bikes to race bikes. The smoked front screen is also new and I think it is a Maier?? I also found some smaller aftermarket mirrors that mount like factory, which are installed on the bike now. I damaged the pet**** trying to take it apart to rebuild it, so I bought a brand new OEM Suzuki pet**** and lever that is still in the box. The rear caliper pistons were stuck, so I bought a new OEM caliper and installed it along with a new Galfer stainless brake line. I also have new matching stainless steel Galfer front brake lines and clutch line, still in the package. You could work on this bike with a manual, that is how clean the install is. When I originally rebuilt the carbs a couple years ago and installed the carb tune kit, I also bought new OEM Suzuki emulsion tubes, which were like $35.00 or $40.00 each. The front and rear seats are also, new OEM, as this bike originally had a silver front and pink rear seat. There are no leaks, either. What it comes down to is that I did not cut any corners on this bike and spared no expense. Everything that has been changed or refinished on this bike, was done after the tear down, so there are no miles on anything. You could not duplicate this bike near this price, being as nice as it is and never being wrecked. The bodywork is semi-mocked up, so you can see the finished product. Keep in mind this bike is not rideable and there is still minor work to be done. Someone that is motivated and mechanically inclined should be able to have it up and going in a weekend ot two.

This may not be everything, but below is what the bike needs to finish and ride:

1- Mod the upper motor mounts (example pics available)

2- Button up the body work and plug in a few of the wire connectors up front along with the blinkers.

3- Bleed brake and clutch systems (install front brake lines and clutch line (stock lines are still on, rear already installed)

4- Re-clean and tune carbs

5- Tires (although the tires that are on the bike have only about 500 miles or so on them, they have been on the bike this entire time. I do not really see any cracking or the such, as this bike has spent most of its life on front and rear stands, so the tires have been off the ground most of the time.)

6- This is the first time I have completely mounted the front half of the body work and I must say, the bike looks freaking outstanding. The outside header tube is touching the bottom side of the lower fairing. So, it will either need to be trimmed or maybe some serious thermal tape on the backside of the fairing will keep the header from melting the fairing. (see pic below)

7- Now that I have mounted the bodywork, there are about 5 or 6 screws and nuts missing. I have lots of extra hardware, so I can probably find the ones needed.

I have tried to paint a super clear picture of the outstanding condition of this bike, but may have forgotten a few things, so please ask any and all the questions you would like.

EDIT: this bike also has an aluminum Muzzy fan, as opposed the stock plastic ones, that tend to melt from after market headers.

EDIT #2: has new lightweight Lockhart-Phillips upper fairing mirror stay. i will add things as i remember.

EDIT #3: i bought a new battery for it a year or so ago, so it should not need replacing, just a charge.

http://www.gixxer.com/forums/attachm...d=12141801 43

http://www.gixxer.com/forums/attachm...d=12141801 43

http://www.gixxer.com/forums/attachm...d=12141801 43

http://www.gixxer.com/forums/attachm...d=12141801 43
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Originally Posted by gixxer711 View Post
The right offer also gets the factory suzuki manual in three ring binder, along with the paint matched, super rare oe suzuki rear seat cowl (shown in pics), along with the new rear seat.

What might the WRONG offer get?
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The wrong offer gets a swift kick in the nuts!
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Your pictures require logging in to another site. I recommend uploading appropriately sized pics that don't require a separate login.
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