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FLYONWALL9 03-23-2009 11:48 AM

The bike for the most part is stock. It does have a
can but no mods to the engine. Depending on the
state it should be rather easy for you to title it in
the US because of your service. You would be best
off to buy a full exhaust and any engine mods while
your in Japan because thouse mods sold in the US
are high. After you have it titled and taged you can
put the parts on if your in a strict state. Without a
doubt buy everything you can for it while you are
in Japan. I mean a couple years worth of air filters
carb bits, gaskets, wheel bearings, speedo cable(
common part to muckup) you get the idea.

FLYONWALL9 04-09-2009 10:29 PM

Just passing along the bike is still for sale. The person
that won it at auction ended up being a DEADBEAT
bidder and did not follow through with payment.

So, if your still interested its still for sale. I would
like to also say it now has ZERO miles on new
fluid change. Also, I found some rock chips in the
lower fairing (when doing the oil change) so I
repainted the red and white portions of that fairing.
So, it now looks like new again.

pplassm 04-11-2009 08:02 PM


Originally Posted by FLYONWALL9 (Post 208036)
Depending on the
state it should be rather easy for you to title it in
the US because of your service.

Nonononono. I was stationed overseas and brought a non-legal bike back into the states. You will have to go though many hoops to get the thing titled and registered. Be very careful, unless you are willing to lose your money.

It's not too hard if the bike is over 15 years old. Then you can go through several chains to get the bike "washed" through states that have no title requirement for bikes that old. Lost car title and old car title or vehicle titles -International Title Service is one venue.

If the bike is newer, it may be impossible to register, depending on the state you attempt it.

Getting the bike into the country is 75% of the battle, however. You will have to convince the customs inspectors that you are not doing anything illegal.

I took my bike apart and mailed it home as "used parts". APO mail rates were great back then.

mugwump58 04-12-2009 05:02 AM

Good thing I just emptied the coffers. If wishes were fast trains to Texas, or so the song goes. I thought this was long gone.

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