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Judd Bonus
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Default Ok... what kind of motorcycle is this - and where can I get one?

Isnt too old of a video but the bike and/or company might be, never seen this kind of bike before.. Doesn't weight as much a Volkswagen, cost of a Mercedes-Benz and Im sure the Insurance isnt going to bleed you dry, unlike the vast majority of popular bikes out there.

From the other thread I spotted this on, the photos thats on it looks like just a plain BMX bike with a engine thrown in, but this bike on the video isnt a slop-together piece of junk. So therefore it has to be a manufactured production machine. Coolest thing Ive ever seen and I wouldnt mind it to having one for the summer... any ideas what its breed and model.? Since the video is shot in europe, chances are really good that its based somewhere from there.


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Photobucket perhaps? Can't see anything.
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Originally Posted by MOKE1K View Post
Photobucket perhaps? Can't see anything.
YouTube - Urban trial biking with Monster Energy's Fred Crosset!

Try there. I think the dude's tryin' to Viral-promote his site.
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To the OP: It's a Trials bike. The one featured is probably one-of-a-kund.

Look at Gas Gas, among other marques.
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Here's his bio:

Yep, sponsored by Gas Gas
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Ah, the 5 years of riding an '86 YZ490 with a license plate...blink and it's over. Just a memory. Hooking a wheelie all the way up Hollywood Blvd, and ditching a KZ1100 mounted LAPD rider by hiding in a bush on Ivar street, then honking it all the way down 3rd into downtown with sirens falling farther behind me. Never got a ticket on that bike, the lights were just ornamental, taken off my Cushman Airborne.

Public stairs were my escape whan I got boxed by a black & white, along with sidewalks, peoples porches and city parks. While I wasn't quite the rider this guy is, I had my moments.

In summer when I didn't need a headlight, I could make the 28 mile trip from Burbank to work at LAX in half an hour. On side streets.

Guys on Ducatis and CBR's were easy prey, just start off in 2nd gear and bye bye. One guy was so pissed off he called my bike "A STINKING SMOKE BOMB POS YAMAHA" after I pulled him through the gears.

Ah, memories....
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A Star Ride
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BMX bike with a motor? I can't imagine the upper body strength he must have to yank that thing arround like that, even considering the bike may not weigh 150#"s. Big balls too.
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