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Default MO Movie Review: Angel Unchained

Here at MO we slog through these movies so you won't have to!

Angel Unchained is an especially desultory example of a 70s biker flick. "Starring" 70's B-Movie stalwart Don Stroud and a young Tyne Daley, this movie clocks under 90 minutes. It's not very entertaining and even in the unintentionally funny mode it leaves much to be desired. However there are brief moments of horror when one fears that Tyne Daley may be shown in the nude. So this would be a pre-Troma Studios example of a biker/horror movie, though a pretty boring one.

The Plot: Angel (Stroud) is a member of a bike gang (Nomads) playing in an empty amusement park at Griffith Park. They have a rumble with another gang but the pigs show up so Angel and the Nomad's President run about 100 feet and hide in an old steam engine at Travel Town. Angel says he's leaving the club. Next we get the title/credits along with shots of Angel riding his chopped Bonneville. He ends up in the desert defending a desert "farm" full of hippies including Daley from the shytkicking dune-buggy driving townies. Later he brings the Nomads to "help" and they screw up the "farm" looking for the old Indian's stash as well as rumble with the townies. Then everything just ends.

If my description makes this sound even slightly interesting..... well don't say I didn't warn you. Though at least there is a gang of bikers in this unlike some other "biker" movies.

Notable is an appearance by Bud Ekins as a townie. Though without a speaking part he's hard to pick out.... well impossible. Also notable is a short "humorous" scene with Aldo Ray as the town's lazy Sheriff. If you don't know who Bud Ekins is you are not a real motorcyclist.

If you are completely bored with nothing to do on a snowbound Saturday you may get a chuckle or two out of it. It could be decent with a group of friends at an MST3K party.

One explosion.
One death.
Three chickens.
Hippie Fu
Biker Fu
Townie Fu
Tyne Fu

Check it out.





Old Indian!


Tyne Horror! Or not?

Horror antidote

Hey! Where' that come from?

Sheriff Aldo!


Big rumble!!!
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No rolling heads?
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Originally Posted by seruzawa View Post
Here at MO we slog through these movies so you won't have to!

Caption: When does the Gay Sex start? Are you guys at the end of the Line?

Tyne Horror! Or not?
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