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Default MO Movie Review: Werewolves On Wheels (1971)

Well, maybe it should have been called Werewolf On Wheels because only one gets on a bike but this movie is a biker/horror/satanist/werewolf movie. Probably the only one of its kind. I expected a real schlock-fest but was surprised by the fairly high production values for a B biker movie. It even has a pretty decent acid/blues sort of soundtrack. The movie only has a few places where it drags but at 79 minutes it's not loaded with time wasting filler. It even features a bit part by musician Barry McGuire of "Eve of Destruction" fame.

We get off to a start with a biker getting run off the road by two shytkickers in a pickup truck. The bikers catch them and beat one of them up. Then they drink all the beer at the gas station and at 8:40 into the film we get the first random gratuitous breast shot. They head down the road and stop for a dope/beer/sex break and find themselves near a sort of castle in the mountains (though you can see the telephone poles of the Hollywood Hills). The monks come out and give the bikers drugged wine and they fall asleep. (I found this hard to take since real bikers take a handful of acid and drink a six pack to get a minor buzz.) Anyhow the satanists do a ceremony thing which actually wasn't too bad. One of the biker chicks get summoned. The bikers beat up the monks and take off to the desert. That night after the requisite alcohol, drugs and low key manly biker man homo-eroticism one of the bikers and his old lady get their throats slashed by a couple of werewolves..........It has a couple of genuinely creepy moments like the sandstorm and it even has a fairly decent twist at the end. Oh yeah and it has a pretty good biker eulogy including throwing empty beer cans on the graves. not as good as Lance Henriksen's in Stone Cold but pretty good nonetheless.

It looks like the filmmakers tried to put some real effort into the story and it shows. The actors are competent. They used real choppers and some real bikers as extras. It lacks much of the incoherency of most biker movies and I found it actually entertaining for the most part instead of merely unintentionally funny. Though there is a lot of that. The DVD is a pretty good print. Sound is good - you can understand the dialogue and they even took the trouble to put in subtitles. There's also a commentary track by a couple of the filmmakers. Available on Netflix if I ever send it back.

Tarot card reading biker fu.
Kicking the shyt out of shytkickers fu.
Beer fu.
Joint fu.
Crazy old man in the desert fu.
Naked chick dancing with a snake fu.
Bikers with torches fu.
Flaming werewolf on an exploding chopper fu.

Dr Seruzawa sez 4 out of 5 oxygen destroyer bombs. Check it out.
(All Hail Joe Bob Briggs!)

I think this is the last anyone saw of Barry.


Joint fu!

An actual real no shyt biker! I'm impressed!

Werewolf on wheels!

Be nice to the idiot. No it's not Bruce Campbell.

Manly biker camraderie/homo-eroticism!

Dancing fool!

Cat blood!

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