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Default Autolite video on YouTube shows how to change plugs on a BMW/Harley

Check out this video on YouTube from Autolite Trainer and Motorcyclist, Dave Buckshaw. In the video, Dave shows the difference between a plug change on a BMW and a Harley. I found it really helpful.

YouTube - Autolite Motorcyclist changes plugs on a BMW & Harley
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Really? You own both a BMW and a Harley? You actually need a video to show you how to change plugs that are easily accessible in plain sight?
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Changing sparking plugs is perhaps one of the most difficult and misunderstood maintenance procedures known to motorcycle mechanics. Correct sparking plug removal and re-installation can make or break the average motorcycle, and in some cases create a vortex that sucks everything into the motor, like those little flying balls in the movie "Phantasm". It's hell trying to get a wiener dog removed from an intake tract when this happens, and some have been known to resort to the dreaded Sawzall treatment for wiener dog removal. It's safe to say then, that when you are changing the sparking plugs you don't want any wiener dogs hanging around that might get sucked into the motor if things go wrong. Schnauzers too.
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As it happens mon` frere` I have a miniture Schnauzer and I'm not even gay. He likes nothing better than to hang out in the garage with me and bark at everyone who walks by while I do whatever I'm doing. I do tie him to the garbage can with a clothes line so he can't take off but so far he hasn't got sucked into any intakes, thank God.
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