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Default A bike for the frustrated Panzer driver

(From kneeslider.com)

This sucker has Cuddy or Seruzawa written all over it!

Check it out at kettenkrad.com, kettenkrad, kettenkraftrad, military vehicles

An 'urban-camouflage' paint job, and it's off to work you go!
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Not bad. One of those would be just the ticket for hauling the trees I chainsaw down for firewood each year. An M2 pintle could go right on the back too!
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Does the front wheel actually do anything? I can't see it doing any load bearing, and even steering those bigarse treads seems unlikely. BUT, it does look cool!
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Yes, the front forks are hooked to linkage that slows down one set of tracks so you can make a turn without driving it through a wall, or barn.
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