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That's why I generally don't have much to do with dealerships. If I want Gen-U-Wine HD parts, I buy online from Chicago HD, they do 20% discount on anything in the catalog for internet sales.

The rest of the time I buy direct or go to a local independent shop. The one dealership that was cool around here started out back in the day as a mom and pop BSA-Triumph dealership. They went to an HD franchise in the early 80's and supported them through the lean times then grew with it to become big time. They remained cool and family until the son who had bought it from the dad a few years ago sold out to a regional multi-line. The first thing the clown did was import his buddies from a Chevy dealership to run the sales dept. with pretty predictable results.

There's still a few old timers there but for the most part it's just another dealer now, the continuity and atmosphere is gone, the only thing I buy from them is used bikes and oil filters and that's because they're right down the road from my work and they're desperate enough to haggle.
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If HD is going balls-out into big business, whythehell can't I buy parts on-line for my Buell?

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I feel sorry for the franchisees that have built their multi-million dollar facilities once real market forces take over. They have such a huge nut to crack, I wouldn't be surprised if you could find numerous dealerships for sale. The only ones to survive will be the 'old-timers' that paid their buildings off during the heyday. I have a new BMW bike store near me that is beautiful-but, the owner is struggling with a slow market and significant debt load. The manufacturers are pushing for these palaces, but as with the automotive, there will be many that simply fold or be bought out by the liquidators, er, consolidators like AutoNation and the like.
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HD dealership? If you look at the long term (demographics), or short term (economic recession), even the Venezuelan government bonds provide a more solid investment opportunity.

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Originally Posted by longride View Post
To buy a dealership, it has to be appvoved by Harley corporate, and I believe you need a million bucks in liquid assets before they will even consider you as a buyer. Mom and Pop shops are dead. Harley is big business and they ran all the small-time operators out a long time ago.
That's for SURE. There was a really nice small HD shop here in my area for many years. The kind of place where you felt really welcome when you went in. Now, he was forced to sell and there is a new HUGE Harley Barn out by the interstate. Definitely not as good a shopping experience to be had there. Really a shame...
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