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carl wheeler
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Default oil

new wing, im told 15-50 mobil 1. no good???? so whats good??? help,carl.
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Oh the humanity!
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Is it really oil thread time again? It's not even Thanksgiving yet...
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The Toad

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Whatever the Honda manual says is just fine. Mobil1 is fine too. Diesel oils like Rotella-T are fine also. Any motorcycle specific oil that meets the manual's criteria will do.

It's pretty easy. All the stuff you hear that sez your bike will last longer if you use "Brand X" is basically BS. Use a good oil and change it regularly and you will be just fine and your engine will last as long as the guy who pays $50 per quart.
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Pep Boys Pure as Gold! It it worked in that Studebaker, it'll work just fine in your 'wing...
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