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Default Opions wanted on naked 'hooligan' bikes

I will soon be in the market for a new bike and I want to graduate up to a naked ‘hooligan’ road bike. I am a relatively new rider and have only put on about 3k miles on my first bike: 1983 Yamaha Virago XV750. I realize it is an old bike but as it runs well and has some kick I feel that a move up the bike ladder is appropriate!

My thoughts are between the following bikes and I would like your views on them (or others that I may have forgotten) with as much candor as possible.



Speed Triple



A few things about me:

I’m 6’3 and 190 and not looking to do long rides or get too many speeding tickets! I ride in the city and would like to keep the price below $8k. I will buy used and without warranty. This is a seasonal purchase so the bike will only get 7 months of riding a year.
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Speed Triple.

In Roulette Green.

Ultimate Hooligan bike. Get one that's a few years old.

Budget for a Black Widow three-into-one-into-three exhaust.

You're Welcome.
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I'd say get the speed triple too, if you were going to ride it harder. It's a great bike, very strong. BUT if all you are going to do is putt around a city, and not take any long trips, I would suggest the SV 650 or (ahem) a Honda 599, if you can find a nice one. (I have a 599 and I'm just a bit biased.) The Thruxton is also nice but it has an aggressive seating position, so make sure you're comfortable on it before going for that choice.
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I currently ride an XB12. I love it but the next naked bike I buy will be the Speed Triple. Just go ahead and tape your license to your helmet...
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I would recommend the Tuono but at your height the seat to peg distance might be a little brutal. I find it a little rough at times and I'm only 5'9"
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On a budget? Pick up a used GSXR1000 with a trashed fairing. Get rid of the fairing. Paint everything black. Get a new top triple tree so you can mount regular handlebars. Since a naked bike won't go much faster than 140mph due to aerodynamics re-gear the sprockets for a top speed of 140 mph. This is about a 20% drop in gearing. You now have about the quickest wheelie king in town and can hand trippleripple (or anyone) his hat with aplomb.
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I like the Speed Triple and the Buell.

Instead of the Monster, you might want to look at a Ducati GT1000 (no bias here!). It's more of a mid-range instead of a top end bike.

It's also got a pretty tall seat and is roomy for a big guy.

They can be had used in your price range.
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Thanks to everyone that posted a reply. I look forward to hearing more. Seruzawa raises an interesting point about converting a GSXR1000. Is a conversion a cost effective and creative way to go that might yield better results than buying a naked bike pre-packaged? I must admit that I am not a gear head but I would love to learn. That said, anything that requires an advanced degree in mechanics would probably not be wise. Outside of that it looks like the Speed Triple, 599, possibly the GT1000 sound like the winners here.

From an economy point of view - should I be warned of going the UK or Italian route for a bike? Historically bike/cars/etc.... are much more costly to run and don't fare as well as the Japanese counterparts. I don't have national pride directing my decision process so I'd just like to make the best decision.


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That Speed Triple has loads of power, and you did say you didn't want any speeding tickets ... Another option is to get the Street Triple, which is a 675 instead of a 1050. Of course, you're not going to find one of those used, and the 2008 models are all gone.

Since you're 6'3", if I were you I'd get a Kawasaki Versys. The Kawasaki Z750S has good power, an upper fairing, and doesn't cost much for a used bike, and would also be a good choice. You can't go wrong with the SV650, and if you want more power you could get an SV1000 instead. Weighing power and cost, the SV1000 is probably the best choice. It also weighs in at only a little over 400 lbs.

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Tall as you are I'd get a Bandit or Kawasaki ZRX. The SV series Suzukis are compact for those with long legs as is the Thruxton. The XB12 is a good option or 919 Honda but for my money I would (and did) get a Bandit, cheap, fast and reliable and tons of aftermarket support
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