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Originally Posted by tripleripple View Post
If a Speed Triple is gonna fit you, then check out the Buell Firebolt. They're going pretty cheap nowadays, like $3500ish for very clean models. And you'll never have to adjust the valves, unlike those suckers that have to do it every stinkin' 70K.
Yeah, but what'll you do when Buell goes out of Busine..... erm, nevermind.........
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Cool Absolutely!

Originally Posted by trenttheuncatchable View Post
You'll have a hard time finding a Speed Triple for $5K. You might want to add the Kawasaki Versys to your list. You can actually find those new for around $5K.
He took the words right out of my mouth. Not as sportbikish as you may want but the Versys is Tall!
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