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seruzawa 05-21-2008 07:22 AM


Originally Posted by acecycleins (Post 185366)
Edmondson ran AMA Pro Racing and France is a "motorcycle nut"- so I believe they have a grasp on what's up with marketing a race series. It's convencing the OEMs that they can still play hard and not have to worry about footing the bill like in the past. Problem is that with money comes power and the OEMs have been running the show in Pro Racing for two decades. DMG wants to take the power away and the OEMs are scared. The biggest thing the OEMs have to get used to is letting sponsors run the promotion and letting the riders race. In the end, their cost (to make the show) should be reduced making it easier to afford more riders per team.

At the risk of saying "good point" you do have a good point. The OEMs have basically split up the racing series so that each can claim to be a "World Champion" each year in their ads. They aren't going to want to change that. Expect to see strong arm tactics aimed at maintaining the status quo.

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