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Cool Marquez / Pedrosa incidient

Anyone catch the Aragon race, yesterday was the conference on Marquez and his questionable move on Dani Pedrosa. He has been penalized one point. Remember the corner worker incidient @ Silverstone? This would be his second penalty this year.

What's your thoughts people, is he reckless or is this just racing?

And what about Honda,...how could they not have some type of fail safe system when their vulnerable cable gets sliced in half?
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Sounds like just racing, especially since they are teammates and a freak accident that the cable got sliced. I think I read that they added a CF plate to protect it. CF to save weight I guess.
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Simoncelli was a lot bigger threat to the other riders than Marquez is.

As for having that cable hanging in the wind...I think it's one of those things nobody thinks of until after it happens the first time.
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