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MOKE1K 11-03-2011 12:49 PM

I Need A New Front Yard, This

Dr_Sprocket 11-03-2011 03:51 PM

Nice! If only every man could have a race track in their front yard.

The_AirHawk 11-03-2011 09:36 PM

I wonder if he's Adopting?

pushrod 11-04-2011 07:29 AM

Seems like it would have been easier to say he was going to put in a new Subdivision, then not sell any of the lots.

We've several nicely paved roads in open fields around here, complete with 45 degree PVC trees.

The Spaceman 11-04-2011 08:57 AM

There is a huge subdivision called Port St. John near my Mom's house. After the Apollo program ended at KSC, they had about 50 square miles of streets built out, all with no houses. Mile after mile of perfect pavement, signs, etc. But nobody there. Needless to say, it made for some really fun episodes on bikes and in cars. There was even a pretty regular drag race meet on one of the main streets every Saturday at midnight. The cops finally busted that, but you could still tear it up elsewhere.

MOKE1K 11-05-2011 01:36 PM

Florida has several subdivisions that they never built houses on and they are a regular place for the street/track junkies. Only problem I've experienced with these places are curbs and convex surface for rain run-off. Fun though.

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