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acecycleins 05-13-2011 08:12 AM

Project 1 Atlanta closed
Perry shut down the coolest 600 DSB team on the grid. Superbike Planet just released the interview and Perry made a post on FB about it. It's a sad day in AMA racing. If you racing fans know anything about American motorcycle racing, you know who Perry and his merry band of cohorts are. The fact that they had a chance to run Jake Zemke for the season would have surely netted a DSB Championship. Too bad Dairyland or some other huge company didn't step up with funding. I was hoping I could get VS to shake loose a few bucks to get through some rounds but life isn't that lucky. Just another reason AMA is so disfunctional. I was one of the cheerleaders in the orginal transition to the DMG operations. I no longer see confidence in any form of their efforts. No live TV, No track participation, No help in securing outside sponsors (like they promised), No involvement outside of rules writing. Honestly, it's a better entertainment value attending WERA races. AMA/DMG threw Pat and Perry under the bus within weeks and now two of the coolest efforts in DSB are gone. DMG needs to seriously re-think their AMA strategy.

Morbo the Destroyer 05-13-2011 09:45 AM

I dumped my AMA membership and never looked back. They have lost their way.

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