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Talking Yay!

Indy Mile ticket arrived yesterday. Thank you for sharing in my joy. Yeah I know the seats will probably suck. My goal this year is not to have a flat tire there.

This years wish list include Road America and Springfield, already have Gp tickets. Mid Ohio is close but work has already made it clear where I'll be on that day. Next is to wait and see what comes of DMG and the flat track schedule in my area. So far the pickin's are mighty slim.
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And what "AHEM" will most of the flat trackers be riding?
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A motorcycle?

Actually, only the AMA Pro class has a majority of HD XR's. The other classes have a variety of machinery. Last year, the expert class was won by a guy on a Kawasaki.

Hopefull, there won't be a drunk guy puking next to me this year. The hot set-up is to pay the $20/truckload infield fee and watch from there. That's were all the celeb's were, too.
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