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Originally Posted by Dr_Sprocket View Post
Why is Suzuki so good? What do they have that the other manufacturers don't?

Excellent bikes, excellent riders, excellent support crew...commitment to winning......
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Originally Posted by seruzawa View Post
There looked to be a couple thousand people there but that was last year. I swore I wouldn't waste my time with another AMA road race until they cured the boredom.

I think they are going the right way by trying to get more people competing. The SS series is so ridiculous that all the bikes have the exact same bore and stroke. Bringing in V-twins can only improve it. Of course the need to get more privateers involved goes against the big manufacturers' desire fix the races for themselves. I'm sure they were pretty happy with the old way. Each got a virtually guaranteed championship each year.

I think the key in racing is to make it so that as many people as possible can compete. This means
I'v always been for the small guy or the privateer, allowing more competitors is always a plus. Although it's duly noted that the Facotries have always had an advantage over the privateers. I think they should just dyno the bikes and try to even up the classes that way. I know other organizations do this, and it would be a start.

As much as Iam for the small guy, compairing a bike with 106hp against one with 130hp is not rocket science, exspecially at a track like Daytona. Hopefully Iam wrong and it makes for good racing.

However it goes, it "will" be interesting to see it play out, with all the success they have had changing rules in other types of racing that AMA controls, according to regulars here on M.O hopefully it will grow and attract more spectators.
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They have two things. Yosh tuning and Money. The money that they spend in AMA racing is more than they spend in GP. If Mat and Ben weren't riding the bikes Tommy and Aaron would be winning all the races. America is Suzuki's largest customer base. They spend insane amounts on the race team. The GM stock buy back and rules changes are minor inconveniences for US racing. The pull out by Suzuki is similar to the statement they made when they pulled out of WSBK when the control tire rule went into effect. It's all to show that the manufacturers are the ones in control. B.S- really.
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