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Default Icon Insulated Canvas Pants

I bought a pair of heavy-duty black Icon jeans a couple of years ago, and they're still going strong. It's been cold this Winter, so I went to the ICON site looking for something a little warmer, and came across their Insulated Canvas Pants.

Basically these are heavy-duty canvas pants with a removable liner, pretty much like a removable liner jacket. The pants themselves, (or "chassis" to use Icon's language) have Aramid re-inforcements and are pretty standard in most respects. They are long...very long...for the waist size compared to most other pants. Plan on cuffs unless you're very tall.

The real treat is the liner. It feels like a comfy down sleeping bag, and it is super-insulating. I rode to work Monday in 40 degrees, and my legs and hinder-regions were completely comfortable. They're too warm for inside though, so I removed the liner at work. Taking out and putting in the liner is simple; just unzip across the back, two buttons near the fly, and two snaps at the bottom of each leg. Nothing to it.

From now through Spring we'll be having cold nights and mornings, with much warmer daytime temps, so I"m planning to get a lot of use out of these. You can find them at a number of sites for $125. I got mine at Motorcycle Superstore - Motorcycle Accessories and Motorcycle Gear.

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Default Icon is OK

I have a pair of non-insulated riding jeans from ICON and can attest to their quality.They were reasonably priced and well made.
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Thanks! Nice to get a real world report.
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Originally Posted by Morbo the Destroyer View Post
They are long...very long...for the waist size compared to most other pants. Plan on cuffs unless you're very tall.
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