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acecycleins 09-09-2010 11:51 AM

Speed & Strength gloves
Close out from MotorcycleUSA's Superstore. Product- Twist of Fate Gloves. Color- Red & Blk. Fit- very nice. Price- an astoundingly low $30.

I don't know much about the SS brand. Bought the gloves because I am working on a project for a device to help people like me with carpel tunnel and the gloves I bought were originally meant to be expendable. HOWEVER, the fit is perfect. So, who has any gear from SS? Is the constuction is as good as it actually feels? The overall day one impression is pretty good. I will take them to the street this weekend and fill you in on my thoughts. As of now, I am happy with what was delivered. Testing will be fun.

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