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Originally Posted by pushrod View Post

I would, but the Aerostich is usable only about 1/3 of the year down here. One of my serious riding buddies has one, and that's all he can stand. Just too hot and humid otherwise.

Does get a little muggy though the jacket ventilates pretty well. The pants are just too much for me above 70 or so. Fortunately that's only 3 months out of the year up here, the rest of the year they're perfect.
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I have the Joe Rocket Alter Ego. It's like a Phoenix jacket but also has a zip on cover that converts it from a mesh jacket to a traditional jacket. The cover has chest and back vents if you need them.

Mine's 4 years old and wear is just starting to get noticable. It's a good 4 season jacket.
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I would try arlen ness racing, moto gp jacket, leather jacket, motorcycle jacket, riding jacket, primal arlen ness, size 48, size 50, size 52, size 54, size 56, size 58, MAG jacket, streetbike jacket.

Its an awesome jacket, manufactured by one of the best companies who pay attention to detail and understand riders needs.
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I"ve got a Tourmaster Intake and I like it.
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Check out a user by the name SportbikeTrackGear on youtube. Gives detailed reviews on gear and doesn't sound like a salesman.
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