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Wink Rick's History of Bikes ... A Few Photos

Just some shots of the 2 bikes I formerly owned and my latest acquisition:

1982 Honda CB750SC Nighthawk (Summer of '07) - Purchased for $750:

1982 Honda CB450SC Nighthawk (Summer of '0 - Purchased for $550:

1990 Honda NT650 Hawk (Purchased today! 3/25/09) (With some co-workers Ducati's in our Photo Studio at work) - Purchased for $2900:

I purchased the 750 Nighthawk from one of my Jeep Forums, and sold it to a friend who tore it apart, rebuilt it, and sold it. The 450 Nighthawk I purchased from another of my Jeep Forums, and I sold to real good friend who replaced the leaking gas tank and it's now going to be his summer cruiser. He's the guy who let me ride the bike again and he took out his fathers Harley... and he got my addicted to bikes once again! The Hawk I purchased from a friend's (motorcycle mechanic) friend, who has 6 bikes.. well, 5 now I think. He was meticulous with keeping it maintained, and he also took it out quite often. It was a great time riding it home tonight from Bryn Mawr PA to West Chester, PA. 35 mins, about 20 miles. It's definitely a different bike than the Nighthawks I am used too. Took me a few mins to get the hang of the new positioning of controls, the clutch, and more power. I love it though and I am incredibly happy with my purchase!

Did I mention I'm a photographer? So be aware for 32949234 more photos lol.
-Rick R
-1990 Honda NT650 Hawk GT
-1997 Jeep Wrangler 4.0L
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Congrats on the new acquisition. Check out HAWKGT.COM -- Honda HawkGT Resource Center -- Your single online source for the Honda HawkGT motorcycle. for centralised links, HPR - Hordpower, Art of Twins for any parts you may need (including performance). Consider joining the HawkList (email, via hawkgt.com) and the Forums: Honda Hawk GT Forum - Powered by Honda Hawk GT / Bros riders

Welcome to the Aerie.........
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Congrats, HibachiHawk!

Nice looking bike!

Now, get thee to a riding course, and brush up on your skills...
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